Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Review


  • March 7th, 2017
  • Ubisoft / Ubisoft Paris
  • Xbox One

Wildlands tries to take the Ghost Recon series to a place its never been before, an open world based action game. Does it work out though and improve on what The Division tried to do or does it fall flat?

The game takes place in a vast open world scene with sprawling mountain tops and villages and bodies of water with islands to explore. From your first look the world is gorgeous. Wildlands does not fail in the slightest visually. Seeing a high mountain and then quickly going there without a pause never fails to amaze nor does the draw distance that never seemed to really skip around.

Being an open world game dictates how you play as well. Feel like going full rambo and blazing in the front door? You can do that, or you can sit hundreds of yards back, use gadgets to get enemies positions then snipe away. This part of the game does work well. It becomes tedious however when you are tasked with missions that require stealth because at that time enemy AI becomes super human with their ability to detect you.

What boils down to the games major issue are the missions. The game places you in taking down a crime organization from the bottom up. You do this by collecting intel or interrogating enemies to reveal missions for each under boss. The main missions while being set in different locations always seem to go down to kill someone, collect something, take something, find someone, or transport someone / something. Every now and then it will change but don’t expect much. Doing main story missions though just feel too long. You could blow through the story in about half the time it takes to fully complete it but you’ll leave feeling empty. Even after doing missions though I just didn’t feel complete like I should of.

The side missions though are a never ending bunch of some of the most repetitive things you”ll find around. Just like story missions, occasionally a side missions will present something but most boil down to going to a location and collection something or killing / blowing up something. These side missions also unlock new guns or recon abilities you collect. Once a recon skill is fully upgraded though the side missions never go away so you potentially could continue doing side missions for something that has zero affect towards your progression.

Vehicles are a mixed bag as well. Cars and bikes take some getting use to especially when navigating sharp or narrow turns going around mountains. Helicopters are a quick favorite and easy to use. However the planes in the game are incredibly frustrating to use. Between take off, trying to steer it and especially landing it (as some side missions require a small landing on a mountain between trees) it brings nothing but frustration.

Overall Wildlands is still fun and shows that the basic concept for an open world Ghost Recon game works. The 4 man team even with AI functions excellent and the shooting mechanics are great. The game just has a few game play flaws along with repetitive missions and being far too long. You’ll still enjoy most of your time in game though and it worth checking out.

Score : 6/10


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