Zombie Party Review


  • Oct. 6th, 2017
  • Xbox One
  • Peach Pie Productions / Black Shell Media

Zombie Party is without a doubt one of the best Xbox One Arcade games to come out this year.

The single player of Zombie Party comes with 4 modes each full of nonstop zombie violence.

Adventure mode puts you at the start of a level and tasked with finding the exit while killing enemies and collecting guns and coins along the way. Every 5th level provides a larger than life boss that takes guns as well as skills to defeat. After the boss is defeated you are teleported to another world with different enemies and a different environment to move around on.

Dungeon mode is similar to how Nuclear Throne plays. You can take your time and it requires less skill as you move around the map at your own pace killing enemies. Once you do this and find the door you are taken to the next level.

Arcade plays out with a endless horde of 10,000 zombies to be killed in 5 minutes or less without dying. Its a nonstop frantic fun game mode good for short sessions.

There is also a deathmatch mode which can be done in couch coop or with bots.

For having  large amounts of enemies on screen the game doesn’t lag that much with the only time I would find it happening was in Dungeon mode.

Graphically the game is very bright and colorful and looks retro with the new age feel to it though.

The coins collected in the game can be used for new starter weapons, pets, new characters, and upgrading characters. Only problem I saw is that you collect coins way to slowly with how high everything is priced,

Overall the game is tons of fun. This is something for long sessions or short sessions that will have you saying “Just one more time”. It’s a game with great replay value for a low price and is something everyone should check out.

Score : 8/10

Digital Review Copy Provided Courtesy Of Black Shell Media


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