Agents Of Mayhem Review


  • Aug. 15th, 2017
  • Xbox One
  • Deep Silver / Volition

Agents Of Mayhem seemed to be the kickstart to a new series and an attempt to get out of Saints Rows shadow. However it comes across as a almost lifeless and exceptionally boring open world game.

AOM main take is that you work with a squad of 3 characters that can be tagged in and out at any time. Each character brings their own weapons, special skills, and everything in between. They do play well together forging a team that each character has a different characteristic to work with (tank, sniper, assault).

From here though is where problems begin. You’ll unlock gadgets you can build and use on command (like a giant bowling ball type attack that rolls down the path). These gadgets though seem to unlock so frequently and aren’t entirely practical enough to really be used in the heat of the moment however. There are also consumable items you can unlock and use but I never once found myself needing to ever even look at them.

You might think though that with your characters awesome powers and such that a game full of excitement will come forward but you’d be sadly mistaken. Within around an hour or so you’ve seen the game has to offer. Missions usually follow the same few different structures and after the 3rd time of having to clear out underground rooms that look the same I was ready to be done.

What hurts though is that you can unlock towers with side missions but randomly those towers will be taken back with you given the task to re-capture it. By doing so though it also then resets the side missions there to have to redo, which I couldn’t even bare the thought of redoing what were already mind numbing side missions.

It just becomes clear rather quick that AOM maybe has good ideas but just never really got any of them done. The humor is your extreme brand similar to Saints Row almost but it never connects. Expect to hear the same lines over and over.

Even something like driving is mundane with normal civilian cars becoming almost obsolete unless its a side mission that needs it.

What I feel like this game boiled down to is that it isn’t Saints Row enough to be a fun Saints Row game but also isn’t enough like Crackdown to be fun in that realm. What we got instead what a bland lifeless open world game with nothing fun to really do. Even controlling well with the shooting mechanics can’t save Agents Of Mayhem from a life filled with repetitive missions and just a lifeless game world.

Score : 3.5/10


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