All Eyez On Me Review


  • June 16th, 2017
  • Drama
  • 2 Hour 16 Minute Run Time

“All Eyez On Me” attempts to bring the Tupac story out with the hopes of having a smash success like “Straight Outta Compton” did, sadly though it fails in nearly every way possible.

One of the major flaws here is how they laid Tupacs story out. Instead of just playing it as a timeline story we instead are shown that Tupac is with a interviewer discussing his life story while in prison then continues onto after he got out. This alone was not a wise choice as it never feels like was done correctly jumping in and out his story. I’ll agree with the common trend people called this movie with this making it feel like a movie that should be on the Lifetime channel.

Even Tupacs life story isn’t really shown right. We almost get a greatest hits of his life but never truly fleshed out. I never felt drawn in or truly cared about anything going on. This also doesn’t help that some stuff is never fully went into detail before jumping ship to another part of his life.

Demetrius Shipp Jr. as Tupac did a fine job and looked the part. With what he was given he seems to have made the best but he was the only real standout for the film. Everyone else in the list of no name actors in this film seem to barely get by.

It’s just such a let down that Tupacs story, one of raps biggest and best, is boiled down to a crappy cut together rundown that seems like someone read the outlines of his history and pieced it together. Even the ending, which is clearly known, was so forced with drama scenes that don’t deliver that it leaves the viewer almost wishing for his death so that the film can end.

In short I almost hope this is Tupacs last chance to have a film about him which is sad that his legacy put on film is this. If you want a good rap biopic then just watch Straight Out Of Compton.

Score : 3/10


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