The Mummy (2017) Review


  • June 9th, 2017
  • Action / Horror
  • 1 Hour 50 Minute Run Time

The Mummy was going to be the start of Universals plan to reboot their monsters franchise but does it work the way they wanted or fall flat in its efforts?

The Mummy attempts to kick start a franchise with deep horror roots though can’t seem to find it’s footing as either a horror or action movie.

We are given the normal barrage of Tom Cruise action scenes including him yelling, him running away from something exploding or falling, him running from a swarm of people / monsters, and the generic shooting / hand to hand fighting scenes.

Yet while those scenes are done well enough nothing truly stands out as unique, though the plane scene is fine enough even if shown in previews. Now these action scenes just don’t happen enough though for it to be an action movie, in place of continuous scenes we are given darker scenes.

It’s just too bad these darker scenes don’t even really fit as a horror placement. The few jump scares are less than stellar and scenes involving mummies usually just turn into a quick cheap action scene.

Sadly the story is just a complete mess. We are constantly given flashbacks and are shown the same scene multiple times during the film as well. They seem to just throw random things into the movie to show its part of the “Dark Universe” and characters are almost just thrown in without explanation.

Even The Mummy herself takes a backseat here to Tom Cruise doing his best Nathan Drake (from the game series Uncharted) impersonation. Sofia Boutella  as Ahmanet is actually one of the best things the movie has. She plays the beautiful but evil role quite well and well looking different still conveys herself as a mummy.

At the end of the day The Mummy is made well but instead of being a successful reboot or restart for their franchise, it falls into being a generic Tom Cruise driven film loosing most of the charm it brought along. I wouldn’t be shocked if after this we don’t see their  next step for their “Dark Universe” for a while.

Score : 4/10

One thought on “The Mummy (2017) Review”

  1. This is the best Mummy ever made, and the best movie in 2017!!! The exciting non-stop action movie, great direction, Tom Cruise acting is great, Sofia Boutella is fantastic and there is nothing cheesy in this movie, like it was in ones before.

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