Bulletstorm : Full Clip Edition Review


  • April 7th, 2017
  • Gearbox Publishing / People Can Fly
  • Xbox One

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition is the latest game from the last generation of systems that for some reason has gotten a updated re-release. Does the game hold up though or should it of been left behind?

Bulletstorms main appeal was always the fact that it was a very fast paced first person shooter with a twist. It’s main draw to separate itself was it’s skill shot point system. Using your arsenal of guns and your leash you can swing together combo like attacks or ways to kill enemies other than the traditional means of just shooting them until they are dead.

Now the skill shot system does provide countless amounts of fun. Every weapon, every alternate fire mode, and countless items in the environment can be used as means to kill your enemies. As you progress as well you will have to use different tactics to kill larger enemies and that is where the leash also comes into place. This leash can be used to pull smaller enemies towards you, grab and throw explosive barrels, and move pieces of the environment to progress forward.

With the fast paced action going on though you will find yourself using the same handful of skill shots and the same weapons. Some skill shots need to be done in a very specific manner or at a very specific time / area of the enemy. These skill shots in any hectic moment before almost pointless and impossible to try and attempt. Without these skill shot features though the game play itself is your generic shooter.


Outside of the story mode you have Anarchy Mode, which is just a horde mode. You also have Echo mode, which is a short chunk of single player made into a time trail. In these maps which only last a few minutes each you are tasked with creating the biggest score you can and doing every kill in a creative new way to maximize your points. While this is fun for a little while, especially if playing right after you beat the game you’ll just feel like you are doing another play through.

They also added Duke Nukem into this edition for some reason. He doesn’t seem to truly fit in though. Cut scenes don’t refer to him as Duke and the majority (save for a few) of his lines are the same ones as your normal character uses. He ends up just being a cheap quick add in.

What hurts this as well is that it was released with a $60 price tag. While other games had remasters for the same price or around it (Batman, Skyrim, Dishonored, and more) those games at least had the content to back the price. $60 here is almost $30 too much. Taking your time through the campaign will only last around 8ish hours or so and Echo won’t keep you interested (Anarchy is dead).

Overall while the base game is still fun it just didn’t have the same feel as it did on the 360 to me. Maybe the appeal had been worn off or we just have had better gaming experiences come out since. If you could get it at $20 its worth it for a rainy day, but for anything more than that you’ll be wasting your money.

Score : 5.5/10


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