It (2017) Review


  • Sept. 8th, 2017
  • Horror / Drama
  • 2 Hour 15 Minute Run Time

It is by far one of the most hyped horror films in recent years and after breaking record after record so far it has proved to be a success at the box office at least. Does it end up being a good film though or will you walk away let down?.

I’ll start off with the story aspect of IT. To put it bluntly it is done well but misses the spot on some occasions. Thankfully the film doesn’t take note of the time period and lets it feel natural unlike some other films. As expected for being Part 1 of a two part film we don’t get any backstory for Pennywise here other than the simple “he only comes every x number of years and this is the time”.

Also for the film trying to tell the tale of “The Losers Club”, the group of children fighting this alien monster, we only really get insight for a handful of the kids. The few are given their solo spotlight time while others are almost just characters with a brief back light to them. Even scenes that could show the bond between children are almost just used as filler scenes. The scene does tackle some hefty topics though and manages to put them across well without making you feel uncomfortable.

As for Pennywise here, even with Bill Skarsgard seeming to give this his all to bring the new look to the already iconic clown, he just isn’t that good. This however falls a lot into the fact that Pennywise has way much CGI. I can understand wanting some so that he can have the look and movement of something truly not of this world, but it ends up coming across as more cartoonish then anything. At no point during the film does he come across as scary at all (with the exception of the projector garage scene). Times that would otherwise be done well are ruined once you see how fake he looks. I also don’t like how the film relies on jump scares and the majority of them are shown in the previews.

Thankfully they did make this film with love though and the R rating does stand tall here. Between the brief moments of violence and the constant language the kids use this does feel like the version that wasn’t made to statisfy the PG13 horror market. Also for being over 2 hours long it does flow by rather well.

The kids themselves help carry the film greatly. For being all children they cast themselves to what could become a classic in “children growing up” films alongside things like “The Goonies”.

Overall IT might be better once part 2 is released and everything is tied together and finished. As it stands right now the horror aspect of this film is horrible but as a coming of age drama it does excel.

Score : 7/10


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