Bewitcher : Bewitcher – Review


  • August 18th, 2016
  • Speed Metal
  • Diabolic Might Records

Bewitcher come out swinging full force with their first full length record that is a blistering attack from start to finish.

With a sound mixing thrash, speed, some NWOBH, and even some black metal into the fold Bewitcher has clear intentions on making sure you are headbanging for the duration of this.

Coming in at 33 minutes total this album acts as if the last 20 years of metal never happened. Imagine this as the love child of Motorhoad, Slayer, Venom and at moments even something similar to a Bathory.

With a mixture of fast and aggression along with melodic shredding Bewitcher manage to almost take the black metal vocal approach while overlaying it onto a Judas Priest song.

For a band that is just putting their first full length out they show with clarity that they are no strangers to being able to form a killer song. No song on the album is dull and you’ll not want to stop until the album is over.

I have to highly recommend this album to anyone wanting that old school metal sound. With a debut I like I’d say Bewitcher has a bright future ahead of them.

Score : 8.5/10

Digital Album Copy Provided Courtesy Of Against PR

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