The Summer Slaughter Tour Chicago 2017 Editorial

So I had the honor of attending / photographing / and doing a interview for the Chicago stop of The Summer Slaughter Tour that took place on Aug. 22nd, 2017 at Concord Music Hall.


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Featuring a stacked lineup (although missing Slaughter To Prevail) Summer Slaughter managed to pack the Concord Music Hall nearly all day long for it being on a Tuesday. Due to work however I managed to arrive just as Rings Of Saturn were ending.


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Origin managed to show a crowd of people that otherwise might be aware of them what they had to offer. Featuring fast, brutal, yet technical moments Origin quickly seemed to win the crowd over. Front man Jason Keyser made sure to amp the crowd up evening jumping into the crowd to attempt to get more crowd surfing to happen.

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Next was IL’s very own, Oceano. Having a set consisting of both newer songs and older hits Oceano walked into a room that seemingly was already ready for them. Vocalist Adam Warren commanded the crowd filled with his city’s own and showed the other bands what a hometown crowd could do.

I did miss the majority of The Faceless due to conducting a interview with Trevor Strnad, vocalist of The Black Dahlia Murder. Interview can be found below.

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Dying Fetus came out and showed the packed Chicago crowd how they continue to just get heavier and more brutal with each new album. The new songs from their latest record “Wrong One To Fuck With” came across just as well received and heavy as their older hits. Dying Fetus is by far one of metal’s best and most consistent bands live and on record.

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The Black Dahlia Murder, though having played Summer Slaughter numerous times, was making this a special tour by doing all of their hit album “Nocturnal” for it’s ten year anniversary. From the moment they walked on stage The Black Dahlia Murder showed why they are one of the biggest death metal bands in the US and continue to be a near unstoppable force. Trevor Strnad controls the stage and the crowd in one swift movement while never missing a breathe on vocals. For it being a very special night getting getting Nocturnal in full, The Black Dahlia Murder made sure to give the packed Chicago crowd everything they had in them.

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