Chips (2017) Review


  • March 24th ,2017
  • Comedy
  • 1 Hour 40 Minute Run Time


Chips while not being as bad as other reviews said is clearly one revival that no one had asked for.

The story is a very play by the book ordeal. You have two cops, one being a ex motorcycle star who is a play by the rules straight laced cop while the other is a undercover agent who has more of a wild streak. They end up working together to take down dirty cops and hi jinks ensue. There isn’t much that is special here in the story department.

What Chips attempts to go for is nonstop raunchy humor. Its your average adult themed raunchy humor that every movie similar to it uses. Prepare for a homage of homophobic jokes, racial jokes, sex jokes and everything in between. Now some of the jokes do hit for a quick laugh but often times they fall a little flat. This might be in part due to how often they attempt almost the same set of jokes here.

Now it isn’t all comedy though as for a few small instances the film starts to show a different side to it with each characters backstory and the personal problems they both face. This is a odd light to see in this film and actually does manage to help the film before being thrown away and only briefly discussed afterwards.

Dax Shepard directed, helped write, and starred in the movie pulling triple duty. I just don’t think a film like this was maybe right up his alley. Michael Pena does a good job here as well which isn’t out of the ordinary for him but he can’t save the film that much.

Overall Chips tried to give it a solid effort but just falls short. While it isn’t as bad as it could be it does just boil down to a less than par buddy cop film with more repetitive raunchy jokes and the occasional lower level action sequence. This was likely the beginning and end of this reboot.

Score : 3.5/10



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