Mad Max (Xbox One) Review


  • Sept. 1st. 2015
  • Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / Avalanche Studios
  • Xbox One


Mad Max goes and does what many other movie games have failed at, actually making a decent game.

Mad Max gives you an open wasteland at your disposal. Set up into different areas you must travel in your Magnus Opus, which will be all upgraded over time, taking down bases and collecting loot. The game will present you with a large map that over time will be traversed, seeing all that there is to be seen. Though at it’s base for a large map you’ll quickly see that there isn’t all that much to do.

You’ll do main missions that are never too exciting other than the same thing you’ll be doing on side missions but in a larger set piece. Speaking of side missions Mad Max has many of them. They sadly stuck to what many modern games do with quantity over quality here. Side missions involve taking down enemies in forts, blowing stuff up in forts, or destroying sniper towers and scarecrows. It can quickly become a bother driving from one location to the other to just rinse and repeat the same actions.

One problem is that the one foot sections can grow tiresome quickly. The combat is like a paper thin version of the one that the Batman games have made popular. You have your attack and block button and occasionally a special or your “fury” mode, but most will just rely on keeping a steady combo. On foot sections only seem to show minor differences but all play out the same of going from room to room or room to open area. The camera in these tight sections always doesn’t work the best either as you’ll find yourself not seeing that punch heading your way more times than not because it got stuck into a wall or object.

As for the car combat it actually works better than one would expect but still has its flaws. While the general driving works moments that you go airborne it is easy to lose complete control of the car. Combat wise when multiple cars start attacking from different angles it is hard to get out of there before your car is damaged enough to explode.

Don’t take this all as bad though. The visuals here was actually quite impressive. They showed a great touch to detail in here and the scenic views can be incredible. Try driving through one of the random storms in the game and watch as the game doesn’t even miss a beat while showing off all it has.

Overall though Mad Max isn’t bad by any means. For a movie tie in game it is above par for what it should be. If you can look past the quick setting repetition you’ll find a fun wasteland open world action game.

Score : 6.5/10

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