Butcher Review


  • May 10th, 2017
  • Transhuman Design / Crunching Koalas
  • Xbox One

Butcher is a love letter to violent pixel based games like Doom with blood soaked violence galore but stuffed into a nice small 2D package.

With no story behind it Butcher throws you into different worlds, each having a handful of levels in each. Now on normal difficulty taking my time level took 2-5 minutes on average with a few taking more or less. You objective is to just survive the level and make your way from the starting door to the exit door. Anything in between those two doors are out to kill you and must be taken care of in a ever so gory and bloody manner.

This brings us to the shooting and platforming elements for Butcher. You’ll find yourself jumping and dropping from platforms, swimming from piranhas, dodging saw blades, and all sorts of dangers. I never found myself having any problems navigating around or getting myself killed on account of faulty platforming.

Thankfully the shooting here is a complete delight. Having large amounts of enemies on screen and dodging bullets I never found myself having any problems aiming to specific enemies at all. Over time you are given various different weapons and enemies constantly drop health and ammo so rarely did I find myself in situations where I had completely ran out of all ammo. Be prepared to die though especially when cranking the game up to the higher difficulties. This is a game that was made to wreck you over and over again in the hopes that you’ll eventually find a way to beat it.

Bassy rock tunes will provide the music for your violent onslaught. Visually however the gore and shooting effects work well but the game itself doesn’t look great. Even with them attempting a retro feel that does work to a degree the game just looks too dark and muddy with the backgrounds.

Overall Butcher is fun to play, that isn’t the problem. For being so short though it does start to wear it’s stay before the end even. Repetitive game play kicks in and even with short levels I found myself not wanting to make any long sessions with this game usually only doing one world in a sitting. It’s fun if you can get it at a discount for most unless your looking for that retro diehard shooter.

Score : 6/10

Digital Review Code Provided Courtesy Of Crunching Koalas

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