Cast Of The Seven Godsends Redux Review


  • July 20th, 2016
  • Merge Games / Raven Travel Studios
  • Xbox One


Cast Of The Seven Godsends Redux is a game that plays heavily into it’s love of old school arcade style similar to Ghosts N’ Goblins but does that old game style hold up in games today?

COTSGR is a side scrolling platformer with run and gun elements thrown in. Your objective is get to from point A to point B going from left to right while not dying and killing everything you come across. They take all the elements from old school games and throw them into this one including a time limit, respawning enemies, insane difficulty, end level bosses and mid level bosses, and jumping platforming sections.

You start the level with your basic armor and weapon and getting hit will take your armor away and lower your attack, this makes timing everything crucial. Grabbing new weapons and armor throughout the level is necessary if you want to have any chance of making it through the level. One wrong hit however and you can kiss whatever you have goodbye though. You can pick up weapons with different elements such as fire and ice which all act differently than previous weapons and have their own special attacks as well.

What will be the deciding factor for most though is that the game has insane difficulty with it. Not even one that progressively gets harder but right from the very start of the first level you’ll be against threats that are more than capable of ending your run. Even with checkpoints that you must activate yourself, you will find yourself dying more than you’d like. One wrong step will either push you off the level or right into the path of the enemy. The game is almost too hard from the start making it to where unless you already have the skills for this type of game that you can be pushed off from playing it shortly after you begin.

Graphically the game does have the old school look to it but also mixed somewhat with a modern feel and for me at least it doesn’t look great. Textures will look nice as do some enemies but then it looks too current and throws it off in some ways. The music is all modern and can quickly become repetitive.

Overall Cast is a game that was made for a very small amount of old school gamers. The crushing difficulty will turn many off before they can make their way through it and those that do will find just a sub par game hidden in it all.

Score : 3.5/10

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