Kidnap (2017) Review


  • May 21st, 2017
  • 1 Hour 34 Minute Run Time
  • Thriller

Kidnap proves just how low Halle Berry has fallen.

We follow Karla (played by Berry) a mother who after walking away from her son in the park to take a car sees him being dragged into a strangers car and kidnapped. She then goes into a panic and chases after him doing anything to try to save her son.

The premise is extremely simple. That was almost the entire plot of the movie minus giving away the end result and who took him. They took no risks for this film, nothing new or out of the ordinary occurs here. One thing that truly hurts this film is just how simple it is. Our kidnappers are given no story whatsoever at all. Only motive is money from what they say and we get no character progression for them. They don’t even give us any character for Karla other than her screaming and relentless somehow more than human ability to continuously dodge killer situations.

Halle Barry is actually one of the worst things this movie has to offer. Her character is seemingly just screams of the same dialog and vastly overacted. She becomes almost hard to watch during parts of the film. I also have to say that Kidnap boasts a few scenes that are laughably bad because of how situations are handled. We watch a couple times where she could of saved her child easily but in that case would have been able to drag this to a hour and a half run time.

Overall Kidnap was delayed several times and from how this turned out to be I can see why. Berry has no draw in this bland lifeless thriller where nothing stands out or is entertaining really to see.

Score : 2/10



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