Action News Heroes Quick Review


  • July 27th, 2016
  • Xbox One
  • Krewe Studios


Action News Heroes is one of the worst Xbox One games currently out there, period.

ANH is a top down shooter, similar to the million others like it. We follow a handful of characters, each varies from the other slightly, in a TV show where rating are determined by continuous slaughter. Sounds like a decent enough setting if done right.

They do attempt to add a new element into this game with the “Rating” bar. This means that running past enemies or not killing anything in sight lowers your rating. Get your rating down to 0 and game over. This is a different game play element but doesn’t add much more since you were mostly going to just be trying to blow up and kill everyone.

Going into the actual game play though ANH is about as bland of a game as they come. The combat and shooting is shallow and lifeless. You are up and around the level in what feels like a repeated loop facing hordes of the same enemy. Even with end level bosses the levels just quickly drag on. You can get money to buy new weapons but they only unlock once you fully complete a mission.

The graphics look like bad early PS2. Everything looks muddy and nothing has great detail. The backing soundtrack gets repetitive just like the game play and no characters have any voice acting behind them.

Now here is one thing that bothered me. Having reviewed this for Xbox One and putting some considerable time into it, no matter what I did zero achievements would unlock. Possibly being a glitch or something I couldn’t get anything to unlock.

Overall ANH isn’t even worthy of a quick review. The game feels so quick, poorly bad, and generic while getting it on sale I actually feel ripped off. This should just be avoided.

Score : 1/10


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