Ryse Son Of Rome Review


  • Nov. 22nd, 2013
  • Crytek / Microsoft Studios
  • Xbox One


Ryse Son Of Rome was one of Xbox One’s launch games. It was meant to be to the big groundbreaking game to showcase what this new system could do. Does it accomplish that however or did it leave everyone with broken dreams?

Ryse is a simple game. Almost too simple if possible. The game play is your standard hack and slash to a degree. You can hack at your enemies, block attacks, and dodge roll. Upon inflicting enough damage your enemy a QTE event is started giving color prompts to execute your enemy in various fashions. Occasionally a different event such as knocking something down, using a bow turret or throwing spears is used but for the most part get use to hack and slashing groups of enemies forever.

Killing enemies and keeping chains without getting hurt will award you XP. Leveling up unlocks more upgrades for you to buy. Upgrades range from having more executions, health, more XP, more focus, and more.

Now the game does have a huge amount of flaws however both game play wise and technical. From a technical stand point I did find the camera getting stuck behind / inside enemies all too often. In cases where explosions are happening too I’d find that while fighting either explosions of the environment around them would tend to block my characters vision often times leading to losing combos.


As for the major flaw in the game play being that it is very repetitive to the point of quickly becoming boring. With only a handful of different enemies and all requiring much of the same, you won’t find yourself doing anything new. Prepare for uncanny amount of dodge rolls, blocks, and counters. Boss battles here can’t even help as they are just longer repetitive sections that go on for too long.

For all purposes Ryse is mainly a game to show the technical aspect of it. Visually the game is gorgeous. Cut scenes look great and even full combat moves and flows well with slow motion kills delivering satisfying blows. Audio wise is okay as well with explosions sounding full but never really reaching a peak performance audio wise.

Overall Ryse can be fun in very small doses. As a full game it doesn’t feel like the content is deep enough to leave you satisfied. Instead I was left feeling like this was a very well put tech demo to show the Xbox One’s powers. It has it’s moments however.

Score : 5/10

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