Spellspire Review


  • May 25th, 2017
  • 10tons LTD
  • Xbox One


Spellspire brings back the word element game play similar to games before it such as bookworm but mixes it up with RPG elements as well. Does it come out a success though or is it a letter short of what it needs?

You control a wizard who must ascend up a tower defeating the monsters on each floor. The monsters come at you one on one and spelling words fuels your attacks, the larger the word the more powerful your attack becomes. It is a rather simple premise and simple game play thrown at you. Though there quickly comes a time that no matter how fast you spell or how great the word is, enemies are just too fast and kill you too quickly.

This puts in the light RPG elements though into play. Beating levels or beating their challenge mode gives currency that is used for new weapons, clothes, etc. Those items in themselves can be upgraded a few times each as well with new items continuous being unlocked. What makes this so effective though is that new gears and upgrading them actually shows a noticeable difference in game play.

Quickly the game does grow repetitive. Every tenth floor is the boss, that floor has only a boss though. Even normal levels don’t last more than a few minutes max. You’ll find yourself falling into the pattern of advancing some, then grinding earlier floors for gold, and rinse and repeat. Nothing new gets introduced in the game at all during the run of it either, you won’t find any floors with special rules or anything of the sort.

Controls are playable though but as expected not as fluid as the original mobile game. You will constantly make mistakes either with hitting the wrong letter or erasing them all. This will cost precious time that could make or break your run through the level though.

Overall Spellspire is fun in short bursts. It isn’t mean to last long and doesn’t simply have enough content to make it worth the long game time. This is a casual game made for casual fans, simple as that.

Score : 6/10

Digital Review Copy Provided Courtesy Of 10Tons LTD

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