WrestleCon Supershow 2017 Review


  • WrestleCon
  • March 31st, 2017
  • Orlando, Florida


WrestleCon Supershow was one of many shows happening in Orlando, FL during Wrestlemania weekend. Starting off late at night and with a stacked card of wrestlers was the show deserving of the name “Supershow” however?

Starting off was  ACH, Mascarita Dorada & Michael Elgin vs. Caleb Konley, David Starr & Trevor Lee. This was a solid way to start the show. It was interesting to see the pairing of Elgin and Mascarita. ACH as always is a blast to watch and know hows to work a crowd. Starr and Lee as well played good heels. Elgin was underused and Mascarita Dorada was made to be the clear star of the match.

Shane Strickland vs. Low Ki was next with Low Ki being a surprise opponent as he had wrestled numerous times that week already. This was a much slower more tactical match then either of these are known for. Low Ki dominated for the majority of the match and what spots there were came across as very stiff then anything. Low Ki’s final blow to the end the match being a double foot stomp off the ropes to Stickland on the outside of the mat was a brutal move to witness.

Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Jeff Cobb (Impact World Heavyweight Championship) had to be one of the biggest disappointments on this. Lashley seemed to give minimal effort here. What could of been a battle of two powerhouses suplexing each other around instead was a slow drag.

Flip Gordan and Sammy Guevara vs. Angelico and Jack Evans was another match that could of been much bettter. Evans was coming off a leg injury he had and these are two teams both skilled in high flying and more mat based wrestling. Angelico started off with more submission based moves. Evans mid match went into his banter calling Sammy “Justin Bieber” and getting the crowd to sing songs. Personally I like Evans in ring but his heel banter like that usually comes across as so forced that it often ruins matches for me. This is another one where both teams could have done a lot better.

Will Ospreay, Marty Scurll, Ryan Smile, Drew Galloway, and Lio Rush vs. Ricochet, AR Fox, Jason Cade, Sami Callihan, Dezmond Xavier was the last match before intermission. This is a 5 star match period. It was captain vs captain with each actually picking their own team mates. Ospreay vs Ricochet as team captains in this match. This was a match filled with almost constant spots, high flying moves, and all around just endless energy. Every competitor gave it their all. Even the mid match dance sequence was played to a perfection thanks to Drew Galloway who for being the big man of the match still showed he could fly around when needed. Every big spot move was hit several times in this match with some of the best spots I’ve seen in recent times used here. It was the perfect mixture of comedy, wrestling, acrobatics, and just love of the sport they could of had. Match of the night by far.

Battle Royal (DDT Iron Man Heavy Metalweight Champion) This match featured the following wrestlers : Joey Ryan, Colt Cabana, Matt Striker, Mr. Hughes, Manscout Manning, Suicide, Kikutaro, George South, Mr. 305 Live Zane Riley, 2 Cold Scorpio, Billy Gunn, Moose, Swoggle, Shane Douglas, Kevin Thorn, Abyss, Gangrel, The Hurricane, Shannon Moore, and Marty Jannetty. This as an overall battle royal was near horrible. Makes me feel bad having guys that can actually wrestle like Moose, Billy Gunn and Cabana in the mixture. While seeing some run ins were cool the match was mainly a drag. So many of these guys are either D list guys or way past their prime. I wish someone could explain to me when Kevin Thron and especially Shannon Moore still get booked because I can’t understand it. I’m pretty sure 2 Cold Scorpio was drunk during the match and let’s now talk about Jannetty. Marty Jennetty was either under the influence heavily or something is wrong because he was a complete mess. He could barely move, wasn’t landing punches, and fell on top of someone while trying to take them down. For his elimination he went over the rope, landed on his ass on the outside of the mat, then just jumped off the ring. This match as a whole was a joke sadly though not in the way they’d have hoped for.

Now Swoggle won the match eliminating Joey Ryan (who came in as #1) which also gave him the DDT belt. Ryan ran back in though and pinned Swoggle to win it back. Right after though the music hit and through the crowd came The Sandman. After a very lengthy entrance we had Sandman vs Joey Ryan. Sandman smacked him with the singapore cane, pinned Ryan, then went back out through the crowd. While seeing Sandman is always a treat, this was unneeded.

Johnny Mundo (w/Taya) vs. Cage (w/Melissa Santos)(Tables, Ladders, and Chairs).

This could of been good again but ended up a letdown. Cage had already wrestled like 6 matches this week but I believe this was Mundos first. The first half of the match was just slow until they brought out weapons. Throw in a few spots that were decent after that. Cage put Taya through a table with Mundo then putting Santos through one as well (even though for Santos’ Mundo took the entire blow of going through the table.) The crowd wasn’t really into this match at all and Santos completely no sold going through a table after it as well.

Finally it was time for the main event which was Lucha Bros (Fenix and Penta El 0 M) vs The Hardyz (Broken Matt Hardy & Brother Nero). This was a dream match and could of been so great but instead was a let down. One can assume this was due to The Hardyz knowing that the upcoming Sunday they’d return to WWE at Wrestlemania and couldn’t risk an injury. Both teams tried though but the match was almost over right after it started. Seemed more of the match was more both teams trying to have the crowd chant for them instead of wrestling. After the match Matt Hardy thanked the crowd and gave respect to Lucha Bros.

Overall WrestleCon Supershow wasn’t horrible. The 10 man match was perfect, and it had a few decent matches but sadly also had some bad ones and let downs. It was a long event as well and is worth the watch at least for fans curious about it. Otherwise just look up the 10 man match.

Score : 6/10

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