Bloons TD 5 Review


  • March 3rd, 2017
  • Xbox One
  • Ninja Kiwi


Bloons TD 5 might possibly not only be the best tower defense games ever released on consoles, but the best tower defense released period.

The game play is your simple tower defense game. You are given tracks with the knowledge of enemies going from point A to B and your objective is to stop them. You have many different types of moneys you can deploy to aid in your battle to stop them while upgrading them to become more powerful. It’s a simple game with much depth to it.

Bloons offers a wide variety of towers to help aid you in your endless battle against the army of balloons. Some towers are rather useless and I personally almost never used while a few are key essentials for any map and clearly way over powered. With the map layouts and experimentation though you’ll quickly find your ideal layout and preference for towers that will carry over. The upgrades help as well and add a interesting turn for battles that can be used to save you in the heat of battle. Your cannon fully upgraded can shoot a huge powerful missile, your super hero becomes an Egyptian god shooting the sun out, and your wizard starts to throw tornadoes.

Maps as well are a highlight here. They are all bright and colorful with winding paths for you to figure out the best places for your towers to reign maximum damage. Even levels that might seem similar are colored enough and have enough of a path change to feel different. As later levels become more difficult with multiple paths, sometimes intertwining, it never becomes too hard to figure out your path.

Now outside of the main maps with can be played on multiple difficulties, endless mode, sandbox mode, and in reverse there are also other game modes. You have daily missions, which award you only certain towers and you must complete the map. Special Missions carry certain objectives or rules with them. Random missions are in the same boat with certain rules and objectives with them. There is also a coop online mode which relies on helping you or request money from your partner while also using your towers to help your partner.

Don’t go in though thinking the game is easy. While you do earn money for completing maps, the game isn’t a walk in the park on harder difficulties. This brings up the upgrade you can buy giving you double money. While you will certainly have to play and grind a lot in the game to be able to afford this upgrade it does become almost necessary. Now you can complete the harder levels and such without it but it leaves almost no room for error and even having a tower off by even the smallest amount will ruin your run through of it. Once you do acquire the upgrade though the bulk of the game becomes a cakewalk often presenting minimal challenge. It also becomes almost an essential when complete the special missions. Now having this option isn’t even a fault really as the game doesn’t force you to have it, and even once bought can be switched off. However it does seem to play into the overall difficulty of the game.

Visually the game is gorgeous. You can have complete chaos on screen, hundreds of balloons on screen with 30 towers attacking at once and the game turns into a mash of bright and colorful visuals. Monkeys are detailed as are the backgrounds. Controls are precise for the most part only having a hard time getting the specific tower you may want once you start piling them all on top of each other. That however isn’t truly in fault of the controls however.

As of writing this review I have beaten every special mission, every map at least once with the majority being on hard, some maps beaten multiple times, over 7,500 rounds beat, and over 20 million balloons popped. In short it’s clear I love the game. Its remains endless fun in short bursts or several hour sessions. Bloons TD 5 should be the go to for tower defense games at this time and should be the shining example for anyone wanting to make one in the future. It receives a very rare score for gaming.

Score : 10/10

Digital Review Copy Provided Courtesy Of Ninja Kiwi



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