Boone: The Bounty Hunter Review


  • May 9th, 2017
  • Action
  • 1 Hour 26 Minute Run Time

Boone : The Bounty Hunter is John Morrison (ex WWE & Johnny Mundo from Lucha Undergrounds) passion project. Starring in, doing his own stunts, promotion, and even fronting his own money for it Morrison clearly has put his blood, sweat, and tears into the film and it shows. However does that passion make it a worthwhile film?

The movie follows Boone, a parody of US bounty hunter reality shows. Upon cancellation however Boone realizes that the only way to save his show is to stop taking down D list celebrities and instead go after a real criminal. It just so happens that their sought after criminal also has ties to a high ranking drug family and Boone must come together with his team to not only save themselves but save their show.

Boone goes straight to the parody / ode department of films similar to it. Boone himself is a one line spewing, smile straight to the camera type of hero. Shockingly enough the majority of the spoofs and tropes work for the film partially due to people such as Hennigan playing the role so well. They take it serious enough to make it work, but light enough as to not make the tone too serious.

Hennigan himself does show he could have a future doing action films if he decides wrestling needs a break. He carries his charisma from the squared circle over into film and uses his parkour background to make the stunts look good. The supporting cast does enough to hold the film together as well never getting in the way of Hennigans spotlight. I will say they underused Rampage Jackson, though I assume that was due to shooting obligations he had.

Overall, Boone does have some fun to be had but it never steps out of the shadow of what it tries to be. The action while decent isn’t great enough to praise and those one liners might not work on multiple viewings. Boone ultimately is a one shot ride and one that might not be talked about much after its first time.

Score : 5/10

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