Lego Worlds Review


  • March 7th, 2017
  • Xbox One
  • Warner Brothers Interactive Studios, Traveler’s Tales

Lego Worlds is a game that leeches off the Minecraft formula and it should of been a smash hit, sadly however the huge flaws stand in the way of any potential the game could of had.

The game mixes part open world creation with elements of an adventure game. You can go from world to world but most of your time will be spent collecting gold bricks to power your rocket. Now once X amount of gold bricks are collection you can fly to the next world. Worlds do offer a different feel and give you new items and locations as well in the natural progression of things.

Now this adventure aspect doesn’t work in the way it should. Your character has a gun that can scan items in the environment, once an item is scanned you can buy it using coins and from can produce it at any time. For example a quest early on wanted you to collect the animals on the island and bring them back to the farm. Instead of running around collecting them, I just scanned and bought one and reproduced it collectively ending the mission rather quickly. Other times you are presented levels that you can go through like a normal game, but with that gun nothing stops you from blowing right through walls and skipping most of it. Stuff like this makes the two major aspects of the game clash together.

You can also create your own world similar to Minecraft as well. The problem is that this part isn’t open from the start. You must have collected 100 gold bricks to access this meaning that fans that only wanted to free build will quickly be deterred from having to play through the sluggish adventure mode.

Let’s dive into Lego Worlds flaws though, because they nearly kill the game before it can even start. First off, the controls are god awful. Aiming with your scanner is horrible. Instead of having free aim you have an arch almost you have to aim at. This quickly becomes a pain to use when trying to hit a small or moving object. Same goes for aiming with any weapons in combat, since for combat there is no aiming you are left to position yourself mid fight in the hopes of hitting the enemy while they are in front of you.

The other big issue with the game is the frame rate and lag. It sometimes seems that the game can’t even handle itself. Constant texture pop ups occur with sometimes the world not even loading until you are right on top of it. You’ll even just experience constant lag in the simple game play. Now this shouldn’t be a tough game to run but the rate of lag that you will encounter is enough to hinder your experience playing.

Overall Lego Worlds could of been great. It had the potential with a open building world game play to succeed in ways. Sadly we got a mixture of two different game modes both of which came out poor. Couple that with horrible lag / frame rate and nearly unplayable controls and this is one you should avoid.

Score : 3/10

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