Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide Review


  • Oct. 4th, 2016
  • Xbox One
  • Fat Shark


Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide is a game that tries very hard to be Left 4 Dead but sadly leaves out any of the parts that made that game great.

The game is a change on the Left 4 Dead formula, with you and 3 others (AI controlled if not in co-op) running through a map from point A to B. You’ll have your objectives along the way and constantly be in battle with the Skaven. Quickly the similarities between this and Left 4 Dead start to show. The majority of the game is pushed with a melee focus to it (even though characters can have magic or a bow). You’ll be hacking and slashing hoards of enemies nonstop.

Now this begins to show its wear as maps don’t lead much for exploring and ultimately play out as sections where you run to, kill swarms of guys, then move on. Rinse and repeat that with little objectives occasionally thrown into the fray. I found the maps to quickly become tiresome to be in and with how linear they are the length of them becomes a problem as well.

Just as L4D did as well they do have different types of enemies including one similar to the Tank. Enemies such as that become a problem when you have AI controlled characters as I’d always find myself having to be the driving force for killing enemies. Now that in return also meant I was the damage taker as well. Thankfully though more times then not the AI will revive you.

You can level up and at the end of the level there is a roll of the dice to determine loot and this hurts the game so badly. By doing this there is a chance that you can quite some time without getting anything good in terms of loot. You can break down old or unneeded loot though which is a plus but it’s just unfortunate to watch you miss the needed loot and get something useless instead.

What really just kills this game is that quickly it just becomes boring. I found myself growing tired of roaming a linear path, killing waves of the same enemy to then only rinse and repeat. I never felt like I was even gaining anything greatly from it either. This may become better in co-op but I was unable to find anyone to even join a match.

Overall Warhammer tried again to branch from its normal path creating a linear team based hack and slash game and sadly just couldn’t do it. Left 4 Dead created this game type and perfected it perfectly and Killing Floor currently holds the throne in this game type and Warhammer just didn’t have much to go for it sadly. Diehard Warhammer fans may get an extra kick from this but sadly mainstream fans might just want to pass by this one.

Score : 2.5/10

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