Steamworld Dig Review


  • June 5th, 2015
  • Image & Form Games
  • Xbox One


SteamWorld Dig has almost no story behind it, but what it does carry is some pretty addictive game play that holds the game together.

The basics of Steamworld Dig are simple, dig down and collect gems and items before returning to ground level to level your character up. The mines themselves are broken up into three separate sections, each looking and feeling different than the others.

From the start your character Rusty is particularly well verses in his ways to move. You have to quickly think of a plan when digging though as I quickly found myself stuck in places with no way to advance back upwards. You can double jump and jump up a straight wall to help you with your journey in the mine. Going later in the game you do unlock more than just a pickax though but as for the general gist of the game, it remains the same.

There is more than just mining though since you have to watch three separate meters when in the mines. Health is obvious, a water meter which is used for all special attacks and weapons, as well as your light meter. If your light meter dies good luck seeing much. The worst is when your water meter runs out since your drill and power glove you unlock to break through rocks requires use of the water.

Collecting money to level up works with unlocking new items. At no time either will you ever be fully maxed out with items and you’ll always be on the search for money to get a new item. It’s just sad that usually you’ll quickly max out your inventory slots and then have to backtrack to a teleporter to go back. That is one of the downfalls of the game sadly is that sometimes if you don’t have a teleporter to drop, you’ll find yourself having to back travel a lot.

Don’t expect combat really as it quickly becomes more troublesome then it is worth. You can fall onto enemies to kill them or drop a block or throw a bomb. Otherwise combat is just timing your swing right and having them walk back and forth into your attack till death. It doesn’t really change from the first enemy you’ll kill to the last.

For an Xbox One ID game SteamWorld Dig looks great actually. It looks bright and vibrant at times and stands out. Audio wise though it doesn’t do anything wrong but you’ll quickly zone out the music.

Overall SteamWorld Dig will give you a solid amount of time to explore and kill before the repetition or flaws start to show. The difficulty may be a problem to some but very rarely is it the game’s fault for putting you in a situation you can’t beat but usually from the game just not teaching you / draining resources too quickly. Most fans though will have a good time going through these mines though.

Score : 7.5/10

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