Rings (2017) Review

  • Feb. 3rd, 2017
  • Horror
  • 1 Hour 42 Minute Run Time


Rings is proof that Hollywood will continue to pop out unneeded sequels to films that haven’t really been relevant in quite some time.

Rings continues to follow Samara’s trail of horror where anyone that watches her tape after 7 days dies. From the start we learn that she may in fact be a lot more powerful than before when she takes down an airplane. Sadly though the story quickly starts to fade out. They instead take the angle of finding out more about her past and how it all became to be. This quickly becomes bad though as we are just hit with trope after horror trope.

Mix the excessive musical cues and jump scares in with what is some of the worst dialog in recent horror. It often times becomes laughably bad. You can’t even care about characters as all are so lifeless and one sided. Actors appear bored during it and us viewers are just left watching for everyone to catch up so that we can see major events.

There are the few things the film starts to do though before abandoning them. We get a quick glance of how Samara would use the internet (since this is now in modern times) to quickly distribute her evil intentions. With the final though of rebirth while being a cool direction sadly means that we will get more Ring films. Even the backstory for Samara just felt lackluster.

For taking 12 years to make along with getting pushed back and upon failing causing other films to be canned (the new Friday The 13th was canned after this) I just can’t help but laugh at this. Even something simple like camera cuts and editing feels poorly done here. Rings is just a shallow cash grab attempt to kick start a new franchise of Ring films.

Score : 2/10

One thought on “Rings (2017) Review”

  1. Rings was a great sequel of sorts to the series, and had a multitude of elements that made it great. It kept the creepy atmosphere that the previous two movies executed quite well, along with a rabbit-hole of mysteries that you couldn’t stray from until you got to the bottom. The mysteries, themes, and resolution all were quite satisfying to me, and I absolutely loved the small twists that they produced throughout the film. The scares in it, although infrequent and not an important part, were done quite well, and had a lasting impact. The special effects on Samara in this one I believe are the best in any of them. She had a realistic look, but in such a surreal fashion that it worked; she looked both real and fake.

    From the overall quality of production, acting, and story-line, I would have to give this somewhere between an eight and a nine out of ten. I put nine out of the two mostly because of how underrated it has been, and feel it deserving of a higher rating. I will be watching it again, and would recommend it to anyone who has either watched the previous films, or simply likes horror, for this one works well as a stand-alone, too.

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