Catfight Review


  • March 3rd, 2017
  • Comedy / Drama
  • 1 Hour 35 Minute Run Time


Catfight is a shockingly humorous yet deep black comedy that I didn’t see coming.

We follow Veronica, a drunk gold digger whose husband makes loads of money from the Middle East. She is upright and snobby even forcing her beliefs onto her wannabe artist son when she tells him to be anything other than an artist. Meanwhile we have Ashley, an over the top painter whose crazed views are of the most extreme and just like her partner she rejects any view that isn’t the same as her own. Ashley and Veronica are former college associates and upon meeting up later in life at a party. Soon they embark in a bitter brutal fist to fist fight in the stairwell where one eventually beats the other into a coma. From there they continue to have instances where they run into one another and fight in a endless battle against one another where they risk their entire lives and well being in the heat of their battle.

At its core Catfight is a black comedy showing some serious depth to it. We are given characters who while being opposites in what they do and enjoy in life are both heavy narcissists. They are both heavily into themselves, have zero empathy or sympathy for anyone, and are just at the core both horrible people. We watch them treat others, even their loved ones, horrible. It even goes as far as to show what they lose in life because of this bitter hatred of one another they are in.

The fights are actually somewhat brutal as well. They usually end in a rather heavy fashion and include weapons and such in some parts. It isn’t just a fight though but you feel what emotions they fight with as well. We are also given almost cartoonish noises for each punch while upon viewing almost lighten up the moments but end up taking away from the scenes as well.

Both Sandra Oh and Anne Heche deserve some praise for this. Sandra Oh in particular is great here and Heche herself comes across as the crazy artist. Alicia Silverstone is here as well but I felt was underused and had more a minor role minus a few parts of the story.

Overall Catfight is an interesting film. It’s easy to watch and will give you something to think about. Even at it’s simplest you’ll watch two women destroy their own and each other’s life over what boils down to being petty. It’s worth a view still though.

Score : 5/10

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