A Pixel Story Review


  • Feb. 24th, 2017
  • Xbox One
  • Rising Star Games / Lamplight Studios


A Pixel Story is a game wanting to bring back to the love of original Pixel based games from yesteryear while mixing it with newer games. Does it work well though?

The game starts off with a simple game of Pong before going into a weaving tale of good vs evil played through the system of graphics over time. You start with simple pixels and more your way forward throughout the game with the look changing. As for a story it is rather simple in that way but the ever changing look adds a unique touch.

Game play is simple platforming for the most part. Using springs and pads to jump around, nothing that will leave you stumped for long. You do gain access to a magical hat that will teleport you to wherever the hat was dropped. That becomes useful for puzzles later in the game. There are also some odd quests around with the occasional mini game thrown in. As for difficulty the game does progress at a steady level. All deaths will come from missteps platforming and while checkpoints are plenty, if you get caught in the same section it can quickly become a bother.

If you are looking for a challenge though however look no further than the challenge rooms. These rooms make games such as Super Meat Boy seem easy and will be a crazy challenge for even the most diehard of gamers.

The games biggest selling point is the progression of the graphics though. Going from pixels that are still bright and colorful and moving up you can tell the team behind the game took great care into making the looks. It helps as well that the game has a good soundtrack behind it as well carrying through for every change.

Overall though the big downfall is just the game isn’t a great deal of fun. It may look and sound nice but it’s a rather boring and uninspired game. As a big retro game fan it does attempt to throwback to those games but just doesn’t carry the same charm. While some may enjoy it, for a game like this though it just doesn’t have that same love I found while playing the game it was wanting to be.

Score : 4/10

Digital Review Code Provided Courtesy Of Rising Star Games

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