Doodle God Ultimate Edition Review


  • Jan. 27th, 2017
  • JoyBits
  • Xbox One


Doodle God is another game that being ported in it’s full form has made it’s way onto console. How does it hold up though.

Doodle God is a simple game at heart. You play a game, started off with 4 different elements you must mix and match them creating new ones. From there on you continuing combining them filling your earth full of tons of things.

It’s a very simply concept and for the casual fan not even difficult. You could even just click random ones to see if anything will be created. Your main problem is finding what can be mixed with what to create something new as later in the game (before the final chapter) you will have a load of elements to mix. Then kicking into Chapter 4 you are thrown back towards the medieval times to start again. The game play however just never becomes fun really. I found it becoming mundane quickly and towards the end it was just repetitive.

The graphics for the game while not going above and beyond are at least bright and colorful to look at. That is the few times however that won’t be spend looking at the notebook in the game. Sounds in the game feature a few quotes but nothing great and will quickly become background noise.

One of the worst parts of Doodle God however are the controls. The left and right analog stick both control a different side of the tablet for your elements and this can take a rather long time to get use to. Even towards the end I found myself making mistakes still with it.

Overall Doodle God is a easy game to sit back and play for a small amount of time. However it doesn’t have the lasting depth or great fun factor many will look for. If you into the simple God like type of game you’ll find yourself enjoying this. Sadly for most console gamers however will quickly move on from the Doodle God path.

Score : 5/10

Digital Review Copy Provided Courtesy Of JoyBits


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