Assassin’s Creed (Film) Review

  • Dec. 21st. 2016
  • Action / Adventure
  • 1 Hour 55 Minutes Run Time

Assassin’s Creed is one of the biggest game franchises of the last 15 years. With a big story, iconic scenes and heart racing action the game would be perfect for film most assumed. Sadly however Assassin’s Creed follows the trend of horrible game to movie adaptations.

Normally I’d give a brief overview of the story and my thoughts but this story even with my knowledge of it beforehand was so over complicated yet never fully explained. The game took quite the time having to fully flush out the details needed to make a coherent story. Instead here we get mixed info involving the present, the past, a machine to go back into time, assassin’s, the apple of Eden and more. This is all such a disappointment before they focused on a story that ends up making no sense instead of focusing on the past aspect of the story where all the action normally takes place.

Its unfortunate that at least the first hour of the film starts off so slow and doesn’t even feature any times where they travel into the past. This starts the film off with a drag making viewers already start to lose interest. Even the spots where we are teleported back to the 1400’s end up being somewhat disappointing. Though the chases are the best parts the actions scenes themselves fail to impress as much because of the cuts. During scenes one moment we will be watching a great scene only to teleport back to the modern day where we view our character bouncing around on a giant machine fighting shadows. It can kill the vibe that the action scene builds and hurts the flow of it as well.

I can’t even say much about the cast including Michael Fassbender (who plays two roles) and Jeremy Iron. This entire film could of been cast with B or C list actors instead and not made a lick of a difference. We even sometimes lose the visual appeal of the scenic locations because the film makers assumed that in the 1400’s everything was constantly covered in a thick layer of dust was constantly being kicked around.

Overall it’s hard to even talk about Assassin’s Creed. With it’s incoherent rambling of a story mixed with some of the most promising fight scenes that become so disappointing this won’t just disappoint fans of the games but fans of films as well.

Score : 3/10

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