Reload Review

  • Feb. 13th, 2015
  • PC
  • Mastiff LLC / Top3Line

Reload is what you’d get if you cheaply ported an arcade light gun game without much effort onto the PC.

The game for the most part is just a series of short levels of glorified target practice. You’ll shoot bottles, fruits, paper target, paper terrorists, and more. It is all on rails and offers no options for the player. What is the killer here though is that for a game that is suppose to be a realistic shooter with tactics and such from real life, the game offers none of that. Almost all guns control the same with the same amount of recoil. Scopes are rifles and such are just for looks as you are never given the chance to zoom in for further away targets. You can’t even move, instead for some levels having to shoot from standing, crouched, or prone positions when the game decides its times.

You’d at least hope that the game controls well but it can’t even do that. The mouse acceleration is way off here making you overshoot your target with what almost feels like a lag to it. In a game that needs pin point precision, the fact that they couldn’t even do that right is nearly shocking. Guns don’t sound well either with most having a generic sound to them and the graphics barely seem able to function in a higher resolution.

In short, Reload could of been fun. A cheap rail shooter with a variety of guns could be a fun little time waster. Instead we get a bad port from phones that couldn’t even be fully optimized to work well on PC’s.

Score : 2.5/10

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