Interview – Dr. Leif Kjønnsfleis MD of Trollfest


First how are you doing? Let everyone know what you do in Trollfest.

Dr. – Hey! My name is Dr. Leif Kjønnsfleis MD, and I am doing perfectly awesome at the moment! I am in my house doing your interview in between rehearsing, grooming and other extracurricular activities. My job in Trollfest is guitars, vocals and general shenanigans.

Your latest album “Helluva” came out recently, how has the reception to that been so far?

Dr – It has been really positive! And not only that, it has been a lot more feedback! People keep sending us messages all the time about how much they love this and that track, with pictures and everything! It feels really good, and it just reinforces our own perception of this album. We are deliriously happy about Helluva, you know.

What was the writing and recording for this one like? Has it gotten easier over the years?

Dr – In regards to writing, it was business as usual. We usually compose material on our own and then send it to the other guys for comments and hopefully cheerful approval! We had approximately 50 songs written this time, and we voted for the 12 best ones. The same procedure was used for Kaptein Kaos and it’s a process we are really happy about. It is democratic and fair. Things were done a little different this time around when it comes to recording process. Again, we used Endre Kirkesola for mixing (he did Kaptein Kaos too, wouldn’t you know), but we used many different places and studios for the actual recording. The mantra this time was efficiency and most of the planning was done in pre-production. That way we could all but race through the final recordings with ease and speed. However, there should always be room for spontaneity and fun, so that was also something we had in the back of our heads. We recorded A LOT this time, so efficiency was absolutely necessary, come to think of it.

Were there any themes or any sense of a story that you tried to incorporate into the new album?

Dr – Well, there is always a new story attached to our new albums, and this time it’s all about that spelunking! No surfing! In short, a group of trolls lead by Professor Otto head down underground to find Helluva, the Mother of all trolls. A lot of crazy shit happens on the way, and some of the trolls suffer terrible fates. Jegermeister actually sacrifices himself in order for Karve to reach his goal, which is to create a huge and powerful army bred by Helluva herself. How does Jegermeister partake is this ordeal, you say? I guess you have to buy the album and read the lyrics

You also just did the 70,000 Tons Of Metal cruise, how did they go? What other bands did you end up managing to see?

Dr – This was our second trip to 70000 and it was totally amazing! We played two shows (unlike the other bands, who only played two) and the energy and feedback thrilled us! Our new costumes were premiered that trip, too! I think that the second show we did (at the ice rink, hands up if you were there!) will go down in history as one of the best shows we EVER did!! Honestly. Personally, I got to see Anthrax (Hail Scott Ian, riff God!) and Unleashed (Sweet Swedish Old School DEATH). The rest of the time I was drinking and tanning.

Any other tour plans for 2017?

Dr – Yes. We have a Norwegian tour coming up in May. It is called “En guidet grotteturné I Norge” (A guided cave tour in Norway) and we will visit most corners of the Motherland. In addition to that we have a bunch of festivals in Europe, including With Full Force and Master Of Rock. Check for details!

Trollfest live shows are known for being wacky and high energy, where does that all come from? How did you manage to gain such a following for having a crazy fun high energy show?

Dr – Well, the answer to your last question is actually in the question itself! Here we go: We managed to gain such a following by having a crazy fun high energy show!
It’s been said before, but I still believe it to be true: You get what you give! We deliver raw, honest and maniacal energy to the audience, and the give it right back. Every time! That is actually a Trollfest guarantee! We WILL stir up ANY crowd on ANY given day! Why? Because we truly enjoy what we are doing. All the hard work in the dank studios, in the messy rehearsal rooms, in front of the crappy computer composing, between sore fingertips and hoarse throats, through arguing and discoursing, it all comes out and it is all worth it when we with that stage! When we enter the room it is first and foremost to entertain, but also to rid ourselves of all the grime and rust that we as emotional beings gather up in forehand! It is cathartic, plain and simple.

You’ve done a handful of cover songs, what are some covers song you’d still like to cover?

Dr – We have discussed many, many cover songs, but not many we have actually FELT we could justify. Toxic was a song that just hit us immediately, and I think any other covers we do has to feel the same way. We have talked about doing “Insane In The Brain” by Cypress Hill, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Personally, I have been wanting us to do a cover of “One Step Beyond” by Madness, but who knows what’s gonna happen. It is much more gratifying to create our own stuff.

Having been around for a while and going years before playing your first live show even, what advice would you give to anyone looking to start a band, record music, or even play live for their first time?

Dr – 1. Have a clear vision, musically and image-wise.
2. Work hard
3. Play shows
4. Don’t give up
5. Work harder
6. Play more shows
7. Talk to EVERYBODY you meet
8. Work hard
9. Play even more shows
10. Sleep very little
11. Completely let go of your inhibitions creatively and ON STAGE
12. Work even harder

Anything you’d like to say or put out there? 11) Just want to thank you for taking the time to chat and I wish you the best.

Dr – Thank YOU for giving Trollfest this wonderful opportunity, tell all your friends, share our videos and come to our shows! 😀
Peace be unto thee!

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