Interview – Jimmy McClanahan of SPIT


How are you doing? Let the people know who you are and your role in SPIT?
JM – I’m Jimmy and I play bass in the band. I’m doing great, I was sick as shit last week so to be able to have a life again is extremely nice, hahaha. 
How did the band come to be formed?
JM – SPIT sort of has a longer history than most might realize. Our guitarist Tyrone and I both had our previous bands breakup right around the same time in 2013-2014. We both spent some time away from even doing music  but one day we were just like, “Yo. Let’s start a band and let’s do it our way”. Tom quickly came into the picture as his band at the time was also coming to an end. We searched for a vocalist after we had a solid pool of demos done for over a year until we linked up with Petros. As soon as that happened, we hit the ground running. We knocked out a LOT of shit within the first month. 
Your “Sessions” EP came out earlier this year, how has the reception to it been so far? What was the writing and recording process like for the band?
JM – So far responses have been awesome. It’s a very rewarding feeling knowing people are enjoying something that you took so long on perfecting and putting out. The writing process was quite a journey. We started writing/demoing songs about 2 years before the “Sessions” EP was even a thought.. let alone before we even were a “full” band. We did pre-production/demoing of each song like.. literally 3 times before finally locking down and recording everything in full. The recording of “Sessions” was really cool because we were able to do almost all of it on our own.. which made things very relaxing and easy going. We engineered all of the guitars/bass/vocals on our own and then did drums/mix/master with our good friend Sam Bottner (Barrier), who absolutely killed it and is one of my favorite people ever.
Are you already writing and planning out a new release or taking your time with it? Any plans for new music in 2017?
JM – We recently have begun writing new music, and actually have been floating around the idea of doing a cover. Given a lot of the songs off of “Sessions” are at least a year old (to us at least), it is extremely exciting to be working on new SPIT. We plan to expand the SPIT sound and touch on new areas we haven’t yet musically- but still obviously keep it sounding like us, you know? As far as releasing it, we don’t have a set plan. We’ve had talks of doing a split release with another band we are super tight with, so that’s something we’re hoping pans out. No matter what I think it’d be safe to say there will definitely be new SPIT in 2017, though.
Right now your only upcoming show is with “VCTMS” for their album release show. What can fans expect from a SPIT live show? Do you have more shows coming up or any plans to tour?
JM – Yes! We’re stoked for that show. I know it’s pretty stereotypical to say but live I’d describe a SPIT show as high energy and very real. Each of us give every ounce of emotion and energy into our set. We put it all out there in front of the crowd. While I currently write this, we do have a few things being looked at past the VCTMS show, but nothing we have put out online yet. As far as touring goes.. it’s not something that’s in our near future. However, we are talking about doing weekend runs in the surrounding states and eventually making our way into extended runs of dates, when the time is right. Anyone who is interested in checking us out live, should make sure to follow us on Facebook/twitter/Instagram to hear first where we’ll be playing next.
Who influences you not only on a personal level but also in a manner which influences what you do with SPIT?
JM – Well, I grew up heavily influenced by KISS. They are marketing geniuses and in my opinion, the best band to ever exist. Alkaline Trio and Korn are also big influences to me personally. When it comes down to influencing what we do with SPIT, I can’t put my finger on a specific person/band. It’s kind of just like one big melting pot. I think that our band is very unique because we don’t really try to go for a specific sound. Everyone in SPIT has a super wide range of who influences them. We just know what we like and where we want to take things, usually. I like to think I’ve just lived and learned from over the past 10 years of playing in bands- and am still. I just strive for us to be the best band we can be.
What other bands from your local scene would you give a shout out to and like to possibly tour with? 
JM – I apologize in advance if we’re homies and you’re reading this and I didn’t mention you.. I don’t wanna make this list TOO long:  LUCA, VCTMS, Sheevaa, El Famous, Barrier, ROOKS, Outlaw, Known By Numbers, Altered Perceptions, RYNO, atlasaria.
Anything you’d like to say or throw out there before we end this?
JM – Thank you to anyone who’s reading this and being interested enough in our band.  Hopefully you enjoyed it and I didn’t bore you too much! Give us a follow on any and/or all social media to keep most up to date with all things SPIT.. and most importantly, check out our EP “Sessions” if you haven’t yet. (available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Play)
Just wanted to thank you for chatting and I wish you all the best this year.
JM – No problem, it was a pleasure. Hopefully we can do it again sometime.. thank you! Take care, man.

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