Shift Happens Review


  • Xbox One / PC
  • Klonk13 Games / Deck 13 Interactive
  • Feb. 22nd, 2017


Shift Happens is a half decent puzzle game that banks on just one main idea sadly.

You play as two lab experiments who have gone wrong and are on their quest to escape. Going through the game you’ll be able to switch between them both at ease to go over obstacles or completing puzzles. The game mainly however focuses on one main focus though and that is being able to switch the size and mass of themselves at each. Make one bigger and slower while the other shrinks and becomes faster. This is all used for instances of standing on a platform with your big guy to then switch over and use your smaller guy to run and hit a lever usually.

The game while giving smaller new things throughout never truly develops anything too new. The main problem is that while doing this in single player, the game quickly becomes stale. You realize that even if it looks different, you’ll never be doing much new.

From what I’ve heard the game truly shines in coop though shows its flaws there as well. Though unable to get a coop partner I am unable to comment on first hand experiences.

Thankfully the game controls rather well and doesn’t look horrible. Later levels are a bit more colorful but the graphics never truly shine.

In short Shift Happens doesn’t have much to say for it. It’s a simple platform puzzle game that doesn’t offer enough new content to keep players interested in its long span of game modes and collectables that it has to offer. If you can find a coop partner you will more than likely enjoy it more, but from a single player experience don’t expect a great standout time.

Score : 5/10


Digital Review Code Provided Courtesy Of Deck 13 Interactive

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