Interview – James “Human Furnace” Bulloch of Ringworm

First off James how are you doing? Let the people know what you do in Ringworm?

HF- I do all the yelling

I have to start off asking how did you get the nickname “Human Furnace”? How does it feel having one of metals best nicknames as well? 

HF- well I never really answer this question, but it’s not really a nickname per say, it started off as more of a “pen name” that seemed only natural to carry into music once I started doing that. 

Ringworm has been around for 20+ years now, did you ever think back then that you’d be going hard as ever still at it?

HF- I dunno. At a certain point, you become a “lifer” I guess. Plus it’s tough to stop doing something you know your good at, and still have a lot of fun doing. Also, for me it’s always been a release. There will come a point when it will be time to move on, of course. But as of right now, we don’t feel any type of pressure to do so. 
With a sound that is just as metal as it is hardcore almost, do you label the band as one or the other? Do you think it even matters anymore as crowds more often than not crossover into one another.
HF-  I mean, when we started we most def came up in the hardcore scene, so we got labeled as such, and that’s fine. But Eh I’ve always just thought we were a metal band.
Being the main consistent member of the band how do you keep it up? Do you feel like each lineup change has brought something new to the table and do you ever just wish for a steady long term lineup?
HF- See know that’s something about Ringworm that people often put too much attention on. We’ve been around about 26 yrs, of course there’s going to be lineup changes. This isn’t the type of thing that makes you enough money to live off of. And of course, every new member (mostly bassists and drummers) will always bring their own personal nuances to the material, but in the 26yrs we’ve been around. There’s been 1 singer and only 2 primary song writers. Me, obviously, and Frank Novinec and Matt Sorg writing tunes. And Matt has been there since the 2nd record, so when Frank left, it was a smooth transition. I think that’s the key after all these years. The core of the band has been intact since our inception, so the continuity has always been there. 
You’re on tour right now with Darkest Hour / Rivers Of Nihil / Tombs / Rotten Sound, how has that been? That’s quite the diverse lineup so I imagine the crowds have been quite the crossover. Do you prefer a tour like that as oppose to one of all the same genre?
HF – yeah tours been great, good mix of bands. I always prefer a tour package that has variety to it. That’s how ya get turned on to new shit. 
Any other tour plans for 2017 after this you can speak about?
HF- oh we’ve got a bunch of shit cooking for the summer. Some new releases, some video stuff, and some other weird shit. Fun stuff .
“Snake Church” came out on Relapse last year, how has the reception to it been? Have crowds been digging it live as well? 
HF- response has been great. The kids seem to be digging it for sure.
How has the relationship been with Relapse and how did that start to happen? Having been with several different labels including Victory, Stillborn, A389, and Deathwish Inc) are there every any you’d go back to? What about any labels you’d never touch again?
HF- well let’s see. A389, death wish, stillborn, we only really did some splits and reissues with. Victory and Relapse (and Incision for the 1st) put out all of our full lengths. Relapse has been great, Victory, not so much. Would never go back there. 
Having been on the road for so long what are the hidden hassles that outsiders may not know of that you have to deal with on a daily basis?
HF- Ha! There’s tons. Primarily for most I’d think it’s physically taxing and mentally you really have to be built a certain way to be in a continuously traveling band. Financially, that is a huge concern as well, but if the first two don’t work, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, you won’t survive very long in this world. 
Any plans to release new material in 2017?
HF- oh yeah
Any other news you’d like to put out there or anything you’d like to say before we call this quits?
HF- eh sure, let’s see. Look for a bunch of new worm happened this summer, look for myself and our bass player ed’s other band GLUTTONS  full length, Matts (and ed) death metal band SHED THE SKIN’s new full length this summer to. On the personal pr point, go check out my online store for my custom art and design and ringworm merch as well. And always stay plugged into what ringworm has going on by following:
And the online store at
Just want to thank you again for taking the time to chat and I wish you the best in 2017.
HF – no prob. 

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