Interview – Keith Keister of Turncoat


Hey Keith, how have you been? Let those unaware know what you do in Turncoat.

KK – Hey Alex and everyone reading on AD! I’m doing great actually, and thank you for having me! To catch everyone up, I play lead guitar and run the vast majority of the day to day operations for Turncoat.

You are about to hit the road for a handful of dates with “Cold As Life” and “Drowning”, are you looking forward to that? Will that be the first time some of those areas get to experience Turncoat?

KK – The Cold As Life /Drowning/ Turncoat tour is going to be a blast. We have played most of those areas before but we have a lot of good friends and strong scenes out that way that we truly are looking forward to being back to. “Tough Love Fest” March 25/26th being the #1 date that we are most excited about. Such a huge line up both days, it’s a for sure don’t miss.

Turncoat was just on the “New Noise” sampler inside Metal Hammer Magazine, how did that come to happen? Were you aware beforehand that you’d be featured on it?

KK – Man to be honest I was really shocked when Metal Hammer first reached out to our publicist Alex back at the end of the year. I basically woke up to an email one morning and almost laughed it off. After a little bit of confusion for Metal Hammer with them switching publishing or whatever they had going on , we weren’t even sure that it would come to fruition. Yet here we are and I was so stoked the day it came in the mail. It makes it even cooler that Ozzy is on the cover lol.

Let’s take it back some though, how did Turncoat come to be as a band?

KK – In early 2014 I was jamming with some friends I had made after moving here not long before hand. Sky and Nick both came out to try out for the “project ” that I was working on and the three of us instantly saw something in each other. We ended up exclusively playing together after that day. (I was playing drums at that time) somewhere along the same time Jimmy was jamming with some of our ex members and when we all met up we started jamming and that became Turncoat 1.0. After some line up changes, Austin, who was an old friend of mine from Florida moved up here to play drums with us then becoming Turncoat 2.0 haha.

Any plans to release new music in 2017?

KK  –  We have a few solid songs we have been sitting on and perfecting. We are still pushing our Self Titled , Eulogy Records debut EP (available online virtually anywhere); but we definitely plan to release new music this year. It’s all a matter of timing. We have a few new music videos to drop soon so be on the look out for those!

What bands influenced you growing up, were they the same bands that influence you making music as well?

KK – Growing up bands that influenced me are a little different than how I create music now but a lot of the core is still there. I grew up jamming Metallica , Aerosmith and whatever bits of rock I could get my hands on with my dad. I graduated to harder music when I was about 14 when I discovered King Diamond , the Misfits, AFI, Cannibal Corpse,ect. When I started going to local shows later that year is when I was first introduced to hardcore and that’s when things really took off. I started being more serious about my guitar playing. A lot more practice. I figured out what I really wanted and a lot of those bands still influence me today.

How do you feel the current state of hardcore is not only in your local scene but in the US as a whole?

KK – Haha it depends on the topic of conversation I suppose. Everything has its ups and it’s downs . There are some amazing bands out today and some amazing bands just starting out right now that are changing the game. At the same time I think people have a misconstrued idea of what “hardcore” is and take things that are so much different now than they used to be. As cliche as it sounds it’s true. I love hardcore and I live to do this, so don’t get me wrong. I’m not a jaded old man yet, but I see the way some people take advantage of what we have done or they are here for the wrong reasons and the hardcore scene has a certain stigma about it. I’m speaking of course as a whole and not pertaining to anywhere in specific. Core values mean a lot and huge shouts out to everyone who has been keeping that alive.

What can fans expect from a Turncoat set on your upcoming tour?

KK – We have a great new lazer light show! I’m just kidding of course. You can expect the most energetic and entertaining live show we have yet to put on. We have so much new merchandise available as well as limited addition items available ONLY when you see us live.

Anything else you’d like to put out there?

KK – Make sure to like and follow us on Facebook to stay up to-date with us :

Our EP is available on band camp

Or order a physical copy online or at any major retailer!
All booking should be forwarded to
Thanks so much for taking your time with us and doing your research.

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