John Wick Chapter 2 Review

  • Feb. 10th, 2017
  • Action
  • 2 Hour 2 Minute Runtime


John Wick was a huge surprise hit when released and helped put Keanu Reeves back on the map as a top leading action star, John Wick Chapter 2 however does what many sequels can rarely do though. In Chapter 2, they up the ante on everything giving viewers not only a nearly perfect action film but one of the best US released action films of the past 10 years easy.

Following very closely after the end of the first film we find Wick still in search of his car. Soon however he is approached and told that because of a blood seal he had signed during the events of the first film he owes a contract to be followed through with. Soon though after a double cross Wick finds himself the target after all that has happened.

What really works here is that we are given the perfect amount of story. We are given key points to follow, objections, and never bombarded with too much or given too much that slows down the time between action. Just like the first film as well are shown this universe that John Wick takes place in. A world where assassins are always hidden around you, they have their own currency, own hotel, and own set of rules that they must abide by at all times. We are shown just enough of this world to be intrigued by it while never being given too much about it though.

The draw here though are the action scenes. John Wick 2 provides some intense and thrilling action scenes that a US film has given in years. Reeves after rigorous training has pulled off the killing machine role to a perfection. How other films may depend on quick camera cuts and constant zooms, instead here are given a backseat view almost. The camera simply hangs back for the most part giving us a wide view to watch Wick flow around his environment ultimately taking down anyone that stands in his way. Given the length of most of the action scenes as well it is even more impressive that never once does it lose excitement.

John Wick Chapter 2 should thrust Reeves back into the spotlight because he deserves it. His quiet character who only speaks when something is of the most importance has all the right material to make his a leading action star once again. It was a pleasure as well to see his old partner from The Matrix, Laurence Fishburne, back on the scene. Smaller roles from the likes of Common, Ruby Rose, and Riccardo Scamarcio work out great giving the film a distinct group of characters that stand apart from one another.

At the end of the day John Wick Chapter 2 is a nearly flawless action film. Close to being a perfect score honestly, and there isn’t really any flaws I could find. Watching John Wick Chapter 2 in theaters is just plain fun. Featuring flawless action scenes and just a great vibe to it, if this series is any indication then Chapter 3 will be a turning point for action films.

Score : 9.5/10




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