Interview – Martin Gil of Backbone


To close out 2016 Backbone released the “Midwest Young And Restless” EP with Delinquents and Kharma. How do you feel the response has been from that EP so far?

Martin : The response has been great so far, I think think all the bands have definitely benefited greatly from the split. I love Kharma, and Delinquents so it’s really cool seeing something we’ve been working on for a while have such a positive reaction.

Any plans on a full length or another EP for 2017? We are currently in the middle of figuring things out for a release.

Martin : Maybe something mid summer!

You just recently played the opening weekend shows for the new venue “Triple Zero” in Milwaukee. How important do you feel a spot like that is in a city that will host a range of hardcore and punk bands?

Martin : It’s definitely crucial! The Borg Ward closed down last year, and that was a big hit on the MKE music scene. Luckily enough there were people like Tom Hively, Michael Sokolowski and JJ Kaiser that found a way to still make shows happen. Thanks to Zach’s and Lenny’s hard work we now have Triple Zero, which serves as a venue/practice spot for bands. There’s a lot of cool tour packages coming through this year so that super excited. It’s nice to have a permanent home for MKE hardcore.

You also have a upcoming tour with Kharma and Guttersnipe in the spring, how are you feeling about being on the road hitting new places with those bands?

Martin : I’m super excited! Guttersnipe is so freaking good, and I love everyone in Kharma. It’s going to be insane playing new places, and seeing what trouble we get into haha.

Any other tours in the work after that or hopes of hitting new places?

Martin : There’s talk about something in June, and late July. June your would be with some of our friends, and Favorite bands from the South East.

How do you feel the current state of hardcore is not just in the Midwest but in the US as a whole?

Martin : I love hardcore, specially Midwest hardcore, it’s home you know? There’s been so much back and forth on the internet, and it’s such a bummer. To me hardcore is about expression, having a voice, and unity. There’s so much talent coming out of the Midwest, so many young bands that are working so hard! It sucks that people shift there focus away from these bands because there too worried about what’s happening with “twitter drama”. It took me two weeks to write this part of the interview because I was afraid to spark anything or upset anyone. Hardcore is growing, more and more kids are showing up to shows.. and it’s up to people who have been in this community to lead by example. No one with good intentions should feel like they don’t belong at a show. Hardcore is an escape, a community, not a trend.

Any bands you’d like to give a shout out to for others to check out?

Martin : Listen to all these bad ass bands & Artists. Kharma, I Made You Myself, Delinquents, Backwards Youth, TraumaxQueen, Blackhole, Hogtide, Source of Hate, High Five, Wits End, Dingus, Wicked World, No Victory, Infamy, Blackwater, Through N Through, Bruise, Capitol Offense, Sex Ray Vision, Problem of Pain, Stomach Pump, Wanderer, Black Nail, Vagabonds, Short Leash.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the fans? Also where can they find the band online, listen to your music, and buy your merch?

Martin :

Just like to say thanks for taking the time to do this interview and good luck on the road later this year.

Martin : Thank you so much Alex. Hope we cross paths one day!


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