Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness – Zombies On Broadway Review


  • Feb. 10th, 2017
  • Alternative

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness has hit what he always wanted with his new record “Zombies On Broadway”. Through all the troubles he has had since his Jack’s Mannequin days, this album should be the thing that sets him on the huge path he deserves.

From the opening track “Brooklyn, You’re Killing Me” we are met with an instantly catchy tune. From kicking it off with a catchy beat and some spoken rap like vocals before busting into a full band pop chorus he instantly nails it. This is a song that could honestly have been a Twenty One Pilots song from the sounds of it and something that could be played across the radio at ease.

One of the best parts is that every track hits you with something different. The 3rd track on the album “So Close” hits you with a higher pitched singing style mixed with a catchy dance vibe to it. “Don’t Speak For Me” has some more emotional lyrics to it and could easily be the biggest alternative track on the radio right now. Every song has that catchy element to it and will have you dancing and bopping around to it. Expect to have the chorus to songs like “Fire House” and Dead Man’s Dollar” stuck in your head.

McMahon really hits his stride in this and shows that he has taken all he has been through in his life and musical endeavors and helped mold him into what he has become. Even when given more serious and harsh topics he manages to have them come across in such an open and accessible fashion.

Now one could argue that McMahon has made his most mainstream and easily accessible album to date and taken an easier path because of it. While that isn’t false he was able to at least hit a steady rhythm with this one that his other Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness albums couldn’t. This is easily his best work since Jack’s Mannequin “Everything In Transit” album. If you were ever a fan of his work you should enjoy this, even fans of just alternative music will love it.

Score : 8.5/10


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