Interview – Spencer Hazard of Full Of Hell


We spoke with Spencer Hazard of grindcore / hardcore band Full Of Hell. Check the interview out before and give their new album a listen!

First off thanks for doing this, let the people know who you are and what role you play in the band?

FOH : My name is Spencer and I play guitar in Full of Hell.

Full Of Hell wasn’t always such a loud in your face noise machine that it has seemingly become now. There was a time that had more hardcore elements with “mosh” parts included. At what point was the decision made to transition into what the band has become today?

FOH : It wasn’t really a conscious decision and more of a natural progression. All the members of band have been involved with, or have grown up with hardcore in some extent of another. When the band started former members of the band were more influenced by hardcore and wanted to bring in those elements to the fold. As the band progressed we just started incorporating different influences to our music and veered away from hardcore.

The band is no stranger to playing with all types of bands having just got off a tour opening for Entombed AD. How did that go?

FOH : It was a cool experience. Its an honor to be able to tour with a band that you are named after.

You’re also about to start a tour opening for Max & Igor Cavalera for their “Return To Roots” tour along with Immolation. Are you looking forward to that tour and showing people that otherwise might not know who Full Of Hell is? How did Full Of Hell end up on this tour as well?

FOH : That’s the reason we try to take these diverse tours. If a band just plays to the same types of people over and over it becomes stagnant for the audience and the band. Its important to try to put yourself in unfamiliar territories as a band because that pushes you to grow. We were able to get on this tour because we have been in touch with the Cavalera family for sometime. We found they were fans of ours and just made contact with them over the years. Its an honor to be able to partake in this tour not only supporting the Cavaleras, the legendary Immolation as well.

Full Of Hell is a band as well that is constantly touring or hopping onto shows. Do you get tired of being on the road or do you feel like for bands today to succeed and gain a fan base / make a living you must constantly tour?

FOH : Sometimes traveling gets tiresome, especially internationally and being out of your element in other countries. I feeling like the touring element is only important for what type of band you want to be. If you want to be a full time band, of course you’re going to want to tour,but if being in a band is just a hobby to you just tour whenever it fits your lifestyle.

You’re split with The Body was a huge success. How did all that come to happen? Who made the idea to make a split between bands and what was writing it like?

FOH : We played with the Body pretty early on and were blown away by their performance. We stayed in touch over the years and became super close friends. I think it was Lee from the Body who suggested we do a collab together. We went into the studio together after a month long tour and just wrote everything on the spot. Nothing was really written before we even entered the studio.

You also released a split with other bands such as Nails , Code Orange Kids (now known as Code Orange), and Merzbow. How do all these end up coming together? Do you also feel like depending on band then makes the songs you write different? The Nails split was so fast and aggressive while Code Orange Kids split had a heavier slower feel to it.

FOH : Code Orange we basically grew up playing shows with when both our bands started. We toured a bunch together so we only thought it was natural to do a split together. With Nails it came about as a mutual respect for one anothers bands. I think Todd(singer of Nails) suggested it to us and of course we said yes. With Merzbow it all came about because we met his live drummer in New York years before the collab even happened. He eventually came to us with the idea and suggested it to Masami(Merzbow)who was very into the idea. Out of everything we have done so far being able to perform and collab with Merzbow has been the highest honor. 

As far as music with each release I just feel they’re all basically a natural progression. Influences changed throughout the years as well as more skill with our instruments. There is quite a big year gap between the release of the Code Orange split and the Nails split.

As a band that has played live shows with all types of bands would you rather have a bill that is similar in musical styles or be on a mixed bill show?

FOH : Like I said earlier in the interview I think its important that bands try to play out of their comfort zone to try to reach new people. If you constantly play with only one type of band it becomes stagnant.

How do you feel the state of heavy music is currently? Both with bands releasing music and in terms of touring and live shows.

FOH : I think its awesome. A ton of new grind,death metal,noise bands and labels have been making their marks in recent years and even months.

What can we expect from Full Of Hell in 2017? Both in music and tours.

FOH : Expect a ton of tour as usual. Also expect a new LP for 2017 as well as new releases already lined-up for 2018.


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