Wells Review

  • January 30th, 2017
  •  Tower Up Studios
  • Xbox One / PC


Wells is a game that while not doing much truly wrong, just fails to impress in almost every way.

The game play is a simple side scroller action game. You run and gun killing enemies and platform your way across the terrain. It tries to be that simple actually. Quickly though the flaws start flowing in. Even something as simple as using a lever to raise or lower a platform is harder than needed. You can only activate the lever by using your melee against it at a specific spot, not shooting it or using a different button like a reasonable idea. What is even worse with that is the melee is ultimately useless against enemies and quickly gets you knocked backwards or killed.

Get use to going right killing drones of lifeless enemies. Just minutes into the game I found myself already going tired of getting the same enemies. They don’t have great designs and sometimes even when thrown in the mix of them I would lose my own character in the firefight. Not even the shooting is really fun. It works but between the few guns you have, and the fact that later in the game you constantly have to switch them, they just aren’t any fun to use.

Don’t even go into it expecting a story. The game seems to not even really care about that either and nearly writes it off. I can’t even remember why my character was fighting for justice in his mission.

Even the steampunk looking graphics feel bland. Everything feels the same throughout levels. Moving from rooftop to rooftop especially quickly drags on. While not looking horrible the look and sounds just feel so painfully uninspired.

I really tried to find reasons to enjoy Wells but I just couldn’t. I don’t even know the crowd the game is geared towards. While nothing in the game is exactly bad it just boils down to being so painfully boring and bland to play. I had to force myself to get through it after even half a level. I just can’t recommend this one sadly.

Score : 3/10

Digital Code Provided Courtesy Of Tower Up Studios

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