Resident Evil : The Final Chapter Review

  • Jan. 27th, 2017
  • Horror / Action
  • 1 Hour 46 Minute Run time


Resident Evil The Final Chapter is the much overdue end to the Resident Evil film series, at least for the time being. On a story front it does end in a decent manner, if only the rest of the film could hold it’s ground.

For those who haven’t seen or forgotten the general story of the RE films over the last 15, The Final Chapter does start up explaining the general plot of the series and showing clips. It is a nice little thing to do and makes sure everyone remains one the same page. The story itself is rather simple, Alice is on a mission to the HIVE in Racoon City with the help of The Red Queen to find a antivirus and save what is left of the human race. She only has 48 hours to do so as well. It’s a simple little story with a few twists towards the end as well. Even those not fully invested in the prolonged story of the series won’t have a hard time picking this one up.

Sadly however this might be the worst action the series has seen though. From the first part is that so much of it just seems mindless. From a group of survivors (who you would think would be trying to remain unseen) making a fortress and hiding on the top floor of the biggest most broken down looking building; to random death traps and trap doors scattered around this film just jumps the boat. Our protagonist just seems to run from action set piece to action set piece.

Now all of this would be fine if the action was really enjoyable, which most of the time it isn’t. This comes down to two crucial reasons however. First one being that the entire middle of the film is too dark, like nearly too dark to even see. I saw this in theaters and even wondered why it was so dark. I can assume it’s to hide the copious amounts of CGI involved. It just made it hard to watch, there is one scene in particular that involves mutant dogs of some degree and the film was so dark that you could barely see details of the dogs. The biggest downfall is that the action scenes are overly cut by the camera. Every action scene especially the heavy hand to hand ones feature insane amounts of camera cuts. You never get to fully see much because every second the camera cuts to a different angle to try and make itself look better. This ultimately just hurts it though.

RE The Final Chapter just tends to almost do the motions it needs to make a complete film. Acting in parts as a greatest hits showcasing the RE series I didn’t feel like we got much that was new. Hell, there really isn’t even that much Zombie violence and one main villain from the bulk of the series gets killed off in a quick fashion instead of giving us what was being built up as a great fight scene. The acting isn’t band and by now Milla Jovovich knows how to be a leading role in an action film so it’s standard fare.

Overall Resident Evil The Final Chapter at least gives a coherent story enough to end the series. I can’t see a world where this doesn’t get a reboot or another film in some way down the line though. For now though we are given a fair closing, it’s just too bad however that the action couldn’t of been a bit better and clearly. Worth a watch if you’ve seen the others, but for those who aren’t a fan this one might just end up a being a pass.

Score : 5/10


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