RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Review

  • Jan. 17th, 2017
  • Rooster Teeth / Rooster Teeth Games
  • PC / Xbox One / PS4


Rooster Teeth is a company widely known for their large amounts of shows including RWBY, Red Vs Blue, and Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures, a podcast, Achievement Hunters, and their large Youtube presence. Sadly however they can’t seem to get the game creator angle down.

RWBY (pronounced as Ruby) Grimm Eclipse is based off their animated series, where although I haven’t watched it, has a rather large following behind. From clips I’ve seen as well it is also a show bursting with great action and some fun characters to boot. For this game you start picking from one of the four girls Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long. Now don’t worry, they all play the same pretty much.

The game play is just your simple hack and slash. You are put on a single path and given endless drones of enemies to kill, occasionally having to protect something or escort someone. It quickly becomes as tiresome and bland as it sounds. Expect to fight the few same types of enemies the entire game as well as nothing truly changes in that way. I did find myself having a bit of trouble as well with the camera sometimes especially when there was more than 2-3 enemies attacking.

What is worst is that the combat is nearly paper thin. The potential for a great huge combo isn’t really there because the number of available attacks is slim. Countering a enemies attack as well breaks your streak and usually doesn’t even end up connecting in time meaning you’ll take damage. I found that when given the prompt to counter it  seldom worked. You have a gun you can use as well but that isn’t worth the time it takes to fire. It does almost no damage and enemies later on can just block it. If you manage to gain a hit streak however you can do your ultimate attack which while doing a little more damage doesn’t feel “ultimate” at all.

The game incorporates a skill tree and RPG elements into it as well. Upgrading the health never actually gives you more health, just lets you take an extra hit or two. Later on you die just as fast still.

Visually the game doesn’t even look good. Character models look odd, almost like sometimes they weren’t completely rendered correctly. They just lack any good details, while the environment is more detailed than they are.  The combat looks decent enough but since you are doing the same attacks grows old quickly too.

Overall the game feels like a love letter to the die hard fans of the show but just feels unfinished. Fans may get a kick out of it just because its RWBY, but otherwise as a game it just isn’t good. Bland gameplay and visuals that are lacking just as much make this one that if you are truly dying to play would best be bought at a large discount.


Score : 3/10


Digital Review Code Provided Courtesy Of Rooster Teeth Games

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