Interview – Richie Krutch of Wisdom In Chains


I was able to speak with Richie Krutch, guitarist and vocalist of hardcore band “Wisdom In Chains”. Read the interview below.

Thanks for taking the time to do this. Please share who you are and what you do in the band.

WIC : Thank you, I’m Richie, I play guitar in the band.

The bands last album “The God Rhythm” came out in 2015. Since it’s release how do you feel the reception has been to it both on record and performed live?

WIC : We are very happy with it. Just like any of album, a few songs turn out to be good live songs. We saw a lot of great reviews and had a ton of positive feedback, so that’s nice.

Is there any new music being wrote or made? Can we expect any new releases from the band in 2017?

WIC : Yes, we actually just finished recording 3 songs in the studio. We did a brand new track for a split 7′ with Madball. That will come out on Fastbreak Records. Freddy from Madball with be doing guest vocals on that song, so we are very excited. We also did two cover songs while we were in there. KKK by the Ramones, and Burn in Hell by Twisted Sister. We are currently writing for a new album as well.

Wisdom In Chains is a band that always has had such strong emotions in the music. A near perfect balance of anger and love. What was the process of finding that perfect mixture?

WIC : Thank you very much, well, when we hear it, we know it. We just write a lot, and actually throw away a lot of songs. The songs we keep are tracks that fit the right moods to fill out an album. An album should be a little trip, and on trips, you pass by different landscapes, you see and feel different things.

As of right now the band only has a few festivals booked overseas. Can we expect more shows from the band (possibly a tour) in 2017?

WIC : Late June and early July we will be in Europe, on tour with Terror. There will be some festivals, and also club shows in between. We will be back in Europe in November with Knuckledust, No Turning Back, and more. That will be around 10/15 dates, I believe that will include The Sound of Revolution Fest.

What does hardcore mean to the band? Going even deeper into that how do you feel the US hardcore scene is? Especially when compared to the scene overseas.

WIC : It’s very important to us, it’s bigger than music, it’s the world where we chose to exist, spend our time and money, make relationships in, we go there for our entertainment, it’s incredible. The US is great, its area to area. Our scene in Pa. is strong and fun, especially in the Philadelphia area, I’d argue it’s the best in the country. We love Europe, Germany and Berlin in particular are so important to this sort of music on many levels.

What were some bands that inspired the band to want to become what they are today?

WIC : Sick of it All, Madball, Agnostic Front, Ramones, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Cocksparrer, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Misfits, Guns n Roses, so many.

Any bands going at this today that you’d like to recommend for others to check out?

WIC : Angel Dust, The Eulogy, Fury, Lifeless, there are a ton.

Off the topic of music but Wisdom In Chains isn’t a band afraid to speak their mind. Do you think people are too PC or afraid to offend others that they aren’t truly speaking their mind?

WIC : I do believe that being overly concerned with the potential to offend someone is a problem. There are common sense rules that should apply of course, and if you break those rules or go out of your way to offend, then you should express the reactions that come along with that. However, there is an element that just looks for reasons to be outraged, I find that ridiculous.

This is your time to say whatever. How do you feel the entire political system in the US has been in the last year.

WIC : It has been completely insane. The division among people who are basically in the same economic class and should have the same interests for their own well being is more split than ever. This is the closest I’ve seen to a civil war type scenario in my lifetime. At the same time, day to day life for the common citizen is safe, comfortable, and good, but when you talk to certain people, they’d have you think it’s the worst time in history. After they tell you that, they jump into their car, drive home, go into their nice comfy homes, lay on the couch, eat, and watch unrest on the news. The Magic and influence of the media has never been so obvious. The media can have you believing opposite of your own real world experiences. Not just the “mainstream media”, but the internet media as well. It’s very influential.

Lastly anything else that you would like to throw out there and say to the fans?

WIC : Thanks so much for caring, and thanks for turning new listeners on to us.. that really helps.

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