Interview – Jay Navarro of Hellmouth


I had the chance to have a brief talk with Jay Navarro frontman of Hellmouth (as well as The Suicide Machines, Break Anchor, and more). Check the interview out below.

Hellmouth just released “Oblivion” your newest LP. How was the writing and recording of this compared to Hellmouths previous releases? How do you feel the early reception for the record has been as well?

Jay : Yeah process was a bit different. We had basically split up as a band. Took a lot of soul searching on everyone to do this again, I think. Maybe not. I can’t speak for them. It definitely did for me. I was mentally at my lowest of depression and alcoholism when we started in 2015. We ditched a lot of music we didn’t think was strong enough and or couldn’t complete a lot of good riffs into songs. Shit sounded wrong at times and by 2016 I was in better shape mentally which was weird because in a strange way a lot of these lyrics are positive. I have changed and grown out of what funk I was in. Wasn’t sure how positive lyrics would even work for Hellmouth. It took me a minute to figure out how, especially with the brutality of the new songs we were keeping. As far as reception, it hasn’t been out long enough for me to tell.

Can we expect some Hellmouth shows in 2017 or even a full possible tour?

Jay : As far as shows we do this on our own terms. If the four of us agree, we play. Tours no. There is talk of a week out west but probably not till next year.

Jay, how does living in Detroit mold the way you write or even perform for that matter?

Jay : If this city doesn’t influence your writing and you live here, I don’t think you are paying attention to your surroundings. As far as how I play, I think most Detroiters play every show like it will be their last.

Between Hellmouth, Break Anchor, and The Suicide Machines do you try to give all bands equal time or does one have preference over the others?

Jay : No. Just comes and goes as it does. When one band has a bit more on their plate to finish, sometimes that takes priority, which ever band it is.

Can we expect new music or tours from either Break Anchor or Suicide Machines in 2017?

Jay : No real tours for anyone but The Traitors.

Anything else you’d like to put out there for the fans and say?

Jay : Be effective in everything you do. Look at it, study it and form a way to make what ever you are doing most effective. Strummer trained me to sing about oppression and injustice and action. Now hopefully I have trained you to go out and start a revolution.

Just wanted to thank you for taking the time do this Jay.

Jay : Thank you for lending an ear.



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