Sleepless (2017) Quick Review

  • Jan. 13th, 2017
  • Action / Thriller
  • 1 Hour 35 Minute Run Time


Sleepless is a movie that while not doing much wrong,  ends up being mediocre.

We follow Vincent, a corrupt cop while with his partner they rob the wrong person. Soon Vincent discovers that he is in a race against time to recover the drugs and get them to where they belong to as they have kidnapped his son. While all this is going on Internal Affairs is right at Vincent’s side going after him for being a corrupt cop.

Without spoiling what little the story gives Sleepless makes the rounds throughout the film never truly dipping low while never doing anything above average. Everything is played safe and takes a mix of a bad cop movie meets Taken. What hurts most is that so much of it just feels rushed.

The biggest downfall of the movie is that there isn’t anyone here to root for. After the twist you still feel like even the few good characters have done so much bad that it doesn’t even out. There really isn’t any good characters here.

This isn’t a role Jaime Foxx will be remembered for either. While not doing anything below standards, it just feels like this is a performance Foxx didn’t need to give his fullest to. If anything this film does show that Michelle Monaghan should lead more films as she carries this film on her back the entire time.

Overall Sleepless is worth a view, for when it was released it did what it was needed to do. Just don’t go into it expecting much and you’ll have a fun hour a and a half. You just won’t remember much of this a month after you see it.

Score : 4/10


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