Interview – Ruben Garza Jr of Through N Through


We recently had the chance to shoot some questions over to Ruben Garza Jr, frontman of Chicago’s own “Through N Through”.

Let’s kick this interview off right, you put out that at the start of 2017 we would be getting a new TnT EP titled “Give Me Hate”, any details on that? A release date, track listing, when a single will drop or anything? Even where the idea of the album name “Give Me Hate” came from?
TnT : Yes at the beginning of February we will release “Give Me Hate” though the exact date isn’t confirmed yet it will be no later than February. The idea came from a lyric I say in the song “More From Me”, it’s a very dark song. This new EP is very dark and heavy almost getting out a lot of the dark times one goes through in life. The tracks on there are
1. A pretty heavy intro
2. More From Me
3. Anytime Soon
4. Sidetrack 
With an EP on the verge of being released can we expect anything else record wise from TnT in 2017? More EP’s or a possible full length?
Tnt : So far we are really going to push the new EP. There is talks about a music video being filmed for one of the songs on the new EP as well. Towards the end of the summer we might start writing again but there are still a lot of plans for this release that are going to happen.
Now coming from a background as a band full of hardcore kids, metal kids, rap kids, and punk kids where does the inspiration come from to make what could almost be considered a crossover hardcore band at times? TnT has the old school hardcore frontman in the way of Ruben, a near straight up thrash guitarist in the likes of Romario, and near death metal or slam drumming with Izzy. All these different elements coming together as one could create something completely out there but comes together for TnT in a blend of perfection.
TnT : Yea we listen to a lot of different music, it’s really cool how many different genres we listen to actually. We have a few Hardcore bands we all like at the same time but even at that we all like different Hardcore bands. We’ve been able to grab all the influences we like and make one sound we all enjoy and love, you know our own unique brand of Hardcore. 
Now with the entire hardcore genre bands like to rep their local scene and everything. TnT always shows their love to not only Chicago Hardcore but your home of Little Village (LVHC). Now explain to those that might not know or understand how this is such a vital and important thing for the band to represent where they came from.
TnT : Well for us it’s important to show why we do music and why we play Hardcore. It’s also important to show our city and exactly what neighborhood we came from. We’re Latinos/Mexican Americans who grew up in the streets of Chicago’s Southside. Some of us were attracted by gangs and violence and eventually we got into music and that really let us know there is more to life than just hanging out with all the wrong people and places. When you here lyrics like “Street kids had your back right from the start” it means a lot to you. Little Village is full of street kids looking for something positive to do. This style of music reminds you were you come from and what struggles you grew from.
For each member what are some bands or artists that influenced you to where you are today, they don’t have to be hardcore at all. What sounds shaped you into what you are today.
TnT : There is so many to name in this band it’s ridiculous! We can go from Suicidal Tendencies to Dying Fetus, from Turnstile to Weekend Nachos, Despised Icon to Madball, Agnostic Front to The Faceless and it goes on and on. We do consider ourselves just Hardcore but there is no denying influences from other genres such as Metal and Rap. 
As someone who has personally watched the band progress from the start and see a fast steady increase in your live show how do you all feel you have progressed as a band? Not only on a musical standpoint but a live aspect as well.
TnT : We definitely do see a progression that we like. We always say let’s go out and have fun but at the same time pour your heart out and let every emotion drive through you. Never lose your inner child keep the youth inside of you alive. 
Touring is looking to be a new step for TnT in 2017. Playing Tough Love fest in California for the first time as well as traveling to Puerto Rico to perform where else can TnT fans hope to see you in 2017? Is there anyplace you’d like to play or festivals you’d like to play at as well as a wish list of sorts. Also bringing TnT to Puerto Rico do you feel the hardcore scene is opening enough to spread that Chicago Hardcore love in other possible countries?

TnT : 2017 is already looking to be fun and it’s only going to get better. We are in the talks with Delinquents and Wits End about hitting up the East Coast for a tour and it seems like everything is in the process right now and that’s all I can say about that. Most definitely there are festivals we want to play, this country has great bands and festivals. One of our dreams is to play This is Hardcore or Americas Hardcore Fest and some places have their hometown festivals we would like to be part of as well. No stage is too big or too small

for us. Representing Chicago especially Little Village is important as well. Other countries need to feel it as well as we need to feel other countries. What I like about Puerto Rico is it has a street vibe to it, a cut throat and reality check to it and that’s the style of Hardcore we first got into. That’s the Chicagos style as well and fits in with its diversity and traditions.  We can’t wait for Tough Love in March and to play with Bad Choice, Sentenced to Fight, Down in Terror and Turncoat(headliner) in a couple weeks at Loud 66 in Puerto Rico as well.

TnT helped play a lot of shows as well as promote shows at DIY venues and with the gaining popularity of the band now playing in larger real venues, as a band which do you prefer? While playing a larger actual venue may help reach new fans do you feel like you lose that intimate close touch you would have at a smaller DIY show?

TnT : I think we can take and grab from both styles of venues. Our energy will always be there no matter what crowd or place we are playing in front of. DIY shows there are hardly any age restrictions so it’s cool to see people of many ages going nuts to our music. Real venues and bigger venues are fun as well. You put a little more effort in to move around and getting a newer crowd to move around.
Any other news or updates you’d like to throw out there?
TnT : Puerto Rico will be where we have new merch and physical copies for our new EP “Give Me Hate”. It’s the first place to get this as well. We can’t wait! And Tough Love 6 we’ll make sure to have merch for as well! The New EP will be the first music we put on Apple Music and Spotify. 
Thanks for taking the time to do this guys. Feel free to post where to buy merch, reach the band, or listen to your music.

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