Crypt Of The Serpent King Review

  • Dec.21st, 2016
  • Rendercode Games
  • PC / Xbox One

Crypt Of The Serpent King is by no means a good game, it isn’t even close to being one that it so bad it’s good, instead this one is just straight up horrible.

As one of many indie games that was on the Xbox 360, for some unknown reason this one was brought to the Xbox One with a $3 price tag. Now even that $3 price tag is $3 too much for this one. With no story this game involves your character walking through halls and rooms collecting keys to open a door. Along the way you slightly jump over lava, open chests, and defeat the same type of enemy over and over till all keys are collected and you found the door. Upon opening said door a boss battle happens and that’s every level in a nutshell.

Now you can honestly complete missions running past enemies and not even killing them. The combat is so dull it is just basically hitting each other until either you or the enemy fall over. Combat is just used to grind XP to kill faster but still remains just as mundane as ever. Even something as simple as opening a chest is too much of a hassle. Finding the right spot where it registers your action and then waiting for it slowly open completely to collect either gold or health just feels troublesome.

Getting lost is something you’ll find happening during each level since everything looks the same. It’s either a room where a key is or a hallway. The map is just a series of turns and twists and dying just places you on a new randomly thrown together map. Enemies designs change level to level but nothing progresses. End bosses use the exact same technique or just rushing you for an attack making their only difference their size and health bar. Even with most levels only taking around 10 minutes each to complete, after a few minutes the time just starts to drag on.

Visually the game looks like something from the early PS2 era. While enemy designs change the walls around you are all gray and brown colors. Your weapon takes up a good chunk of the screen along with the map and your info bars. Weapon details and textures are horrible with your beginning axe looking like it is made of plastic.

I was trying to find a positive with this game but I just can’t. It feels cheaply made and just an quick cash attempt. With a low price point even that just comes across as too much when given a game with stale and lifeless game play that drags from the get go. Avoid this at all costs.

Score : 1/10

Digital Review Code Provided Courtesy Of Rendercode Games


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