Bombing Busters Review

  • Nov. 18th, 2016
  • Sanuk Games
  • Xbox One / PC / Vita / PS4


Bombing Busters is a game so inspired by Bomberman that is became an attempt at it, sadly lackly almost anything that made Bomberman so memorable.

You play as a robot created by the scientist Dr.Wallow with the only mission to destroy the alien race with bombs. You will do so by going through 30 levels killing and blowing everything up including the boss level at the end of each world.

Don’t go in expecting an easy ride either. Each levels picks up the difficulty at a steady pace. Even as far as the second level of the first world you’ll find yourself having to make a plan on where to blow up and who to kill first. Blowing up the wrong barrier and letting a stronger enemy forth could completely ruin your play through of that level so you’ll find yourself using the restart button more than often. You’ll also experience a cheap death here or there as well forgetting that your bomb is powerful from pickups or your rather large character showing just a little too much and taking damage from around the corner.

You might as well mute the game as well. The game replays the same song so often you’ll have to just zone it out. Visually the game doesn’t do anything to look impressive either. It looks more like a last gen game or a mediocre iOS port.

Overall Bombing Busters is a game that while not doing much wrong it just remains so mediocre and generic that it’s not really worth playing. Diehard Bomberman fans might enjoy it for a while casual fans will lately grow bored quickly and ultimately forget about it the second they close it.

Score : 3/10

Digital Review Code Provided Courtesy Of Sanuk Games

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