Ultratron Review

  • May 8th, 2015
  • Puppy Games / Curve Digital
  • Xbox One / PC / Wii U / Vita / PS3 / PS4


Ultratron is a twin stick shooter that does enough to differentiate itself from the flock others just like it, but doesn’t have enough to keep you around for long.

Acting as a mixture of games such as Geometry Wars and Smash TV, Ultratron has simple enough game play to pick up to. You must simply kill all the enemies on screen, collect power ups and money, and dodge bullets.

Now one of the big things that sets Ultratron apart though is that you collect money after killing enemies. You then use that money in between rounds to buy upgrades, pets to help you attack, and even more bombs as shields. They never give you much though which causes you to quickly plan ahead and make choices that could ultimately resort in your death.

What you will quickly see as your biggest problem isn’t the enemies but how to manage your money while upgrading. Each hit you take depletes one bar from your shield, once all bars are gone you are dead. In between rounds though you can buy back your shield with each bar being an increasing price.

It doesn’t help either that the game is never generous with your money. You are often stuck with being able to barely scrape by with you’ll need. Don’t expect to be buying everything between rounds with sometimes only enough money for a bomb and shield.

The game play itself is standard enough. Moving around and shooting flows well. Visuals look great and the game thankfully never really loses speed. Thankfully levels are quick as well so it never occurs how much time you start to dump into the game.

Now they do change it up with special levels where you either have to kill all or dodge all enemies for an added bonus. Every tenth level as well is a special boss level. After level 40 however the game just turns into an endurance mode to see how long you can last. You are also given a save after every ten levels to continue your progress from that point if you are to die.

Overall Ultratron is a competent game. You’ll enjoy your time with it and it does give a few new little additions for game play that will keep you going. Once you start busting through endurance levels though you will to continue doing the same over and over may start to fade however.

Score : 6/10

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