The Autopsy Of Jane Doe Review


  • Dec. 21st, 2016
  • Horror
  • 1 Hour 26 Minutes


The Autopsy Of Jane hands down will go down as one of the best horror films in recent memory one can see.

This is one film where the less you know the better. In simple terms we follow a father and son who are both coroners. After being presented a mysterious body discovered in a crime scene they attempt to find out who is she and what happened. They soon start to discover that this body may be hiding some dark secrets with it though.

One factor this film has for it is the story. At first it may seem so simple but with every action the story starts to delve deeper and deeper going in a darker path. We are given information about everyone involved as well painting a picture for the viewer and drawing them in before giving us the big twist.

What helps as well is that the film doesn’t rely on extreme gore and continuous cheap jump scares. Instead we are given ever growing tension and fear in a bleak dark room with a being that we know nothing about. The gore isn’t over the top but instead visceral and realistic and each crack of a bone or cut sends shivers with the sound it produces. The acting is done perfect here as well giving you that bleak sense of dread while not attempting to go overboard in any aspects with it either.

While some might not enjoy the final twist to the film siting that it takes a easier road I for one think the ending was done perfectly for the buildup that we were given.

In the end watch this film. If you had any doubts of horror dying then watch this film. Even though I include a trailer, don’t watch it. Go into this one blind and you should walk away blown away just like I was.

Score : 9/10


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