Evil Dead 2 : A Merry Deadite X-Mas #1 & #2 Comic Review

  • Two Issues
  • Space Goat Publishing

Being a fan of both horror and Evil Dead you can imagine my excitement seeing that a two issue one shot story of Evil Dead with a Christmas twist had me intrigued. If only I had left that excitement stay instead of actually checking it out though.

For being a comic this has almost no story or at least nothing of substance or interest. Ash and Annie are summoned to a Christmas theme park to take down the deadites after a worker accidentally reads from the Necronomicon. That actually is the story at most. They find two kids in the park as well that help that kill creatures but other than that we are really given nothing. Not even a backstory or anything letting us know how Annie is actually alive.

Sadly the writing wasn’t even done to what anyone would expect an Evil Dead series to have. Gone is the vulgar great Ash humor and wit and inserted is a few one liners that fall short and lifeless banter between himself and Annie.

You’d think that since characters and stories are just pushed quickly without depth we’d at least be rewarded with some fun action and even that falls short. Now this is mainly due to the art style they chose. Instead of a realistic and bloody time we are shown more of a cartoonish look and while blood is shown it is no where near as violent or bloody as one would expect.

I left overall disappointed in this series. Since characters are pushed out right away with little story you never become invested. Once it’s discovered then that even the violence is a let down this one shot series isn’t something worth it’s weight really.

Score :


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